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Ornamental fish are very popular pets among animal lovers. In addition to being a pet, it can also be an exciting hobby.

Usually, people will put these pet fish in an aquarium at home. Having fish can also help relieve stress and calm the mind.

Keeping fish in an aquarium is not an easy thing. The maintenance cost can run into crores of rupees, but if it is a hobby or pastime, the price is certainly not an issue.

Having the right aquarium equipment and equipment is an important factor for the survival of the fish in it. Because if the aquarium equipment is not suitable or does not exist, it is very possible that your pet fish will die quickly.

One of the disadvantages of keeping fish in an aquarium is that the area is limited, so only a few fish can fit, and the aquarium can quickly become dirty, littered with moss, and the fish will quickly die.

However, technical problems like this are no longer an obstacle, since with aquarium equipment and supplies all these problems can be solved. Even an aquarium can be a beautiful decoration, full of aesthetics and pleasing to the eye.

You need to understand what aquarium equipment needs to be prepared and installed as follows:

1. Aerator


The surface area of ​​the water in the aquarium is very limited, so the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is very less, an aerator or air pump can overcome the lack of oxygen in the aquarium water.

This tool produces air bubbles that at first glance resemble the movement of spring water, oxygen is produced from the movement of waves on the surface of the water (although it is not pure oxygen).

Adding an aerator to the aquarium does not mean that you can put more fish in the aquarium because it takes in more oxygen, the number of fish still needs to be adjusted to the volume of the aquarium.

When the air bubbles from the aerator reach the surface of the water, the air bubbles will diffuse into the open air and be carried by the water.

While the carbon dioxide in the water is released into the open air, the result of this movement of the water is that stratification in the water no longer occurs. Static water will cause water layers, where the water at the top will be warmer while the water at the bottom will be cooler.

This layer will certainly have a negative effect on the life of the fish living in the aquarium because gases from the decomposition of leftover food or fish waste will be lost.

2. Aeration stone

aeration stone

So that the air bubbles produced by the aerator do not damage the aquarium decorations, such as ornamental plants in the sand or other decorations, to break the air bubbles you need to add aeration stone or pumice stone. This stone can reduce the size of air bubbles in the water without reducing the amount of oxygen.

With a larger number of bubbles and a smaller size, it can increase the contact surface between air and water, so that there is more dissolved oxygen in the water to a certain extent, and the turbulence of the water in the aquarium will be more calm. .

3. Aquarium filter

aquarium filters

In order to keep the fish in an aquarium from dying quickly, we need to know how to choose a good aquarium filter. The aquarium filter serves to filter impurities from the water. Dirt can come from dead plants, fish waste, leftover fish food, and other materials.

Dirt in the aquarium, if not filtered out, will be toxic to the fish in it and can cause fish death. There are many models of aquarium filters that you can use, depending on the size of the aquarium.

For example, for medium-large size aquariums you can use sump filters, cartridgesor top filter. For small-medium aquariums it can be used filter sponge or hang in the back.

If you don’t have special needs, you can use a standard durable medium such as fiber, cotton, or sponge.

4. Fish feeding place


We can provide a special place for the fish to feed in the aquarium, this is so that the water does not become cloudy quickly. This type of feeder is intended to prevent food from being randomly spread over the surface of the water and to minimize excess food that quickly causes the aquarium water to become dirty.

There is also an automatic (electric) fish feeder that periodically and automatically dispenses feed based on a predetermined time.

This tool is very useful when we have to leave the aquarium for a while, but we must pay attention to the configuration of the amount of food that will be emitted in each round. The weakness of this tool is that it can release too much feed, if the size of the fish feed pellets is too small.

5. Aquarium fishing net


This equipment is a common tool that should be owned by ornamental fish farmers. Fish keepers in aquariums use net sizes that are proportional to the size of the species being kept. This net can also be used as a tool to search for debris in the aquarium area.

6. Vacuum aquarium

vacuum water

The aquarium vacuum cleaner is an equipment that is also needed by the ornamental fish breeders in the aquarium. Used to suck up water and keep organic matter build-up under control, it allows you to remove uneaten food scraps, dead plants, debris and debris from the bottom of the aquarium.

If organic matter is not removed and allowed to accumulate, ammonia and nitrate levels will increase in the aquarium, which will have an adverse effect on the fish.

7. Aquarium pebbles


Aquarium gravel comes in a variety of sizes, and choosing the best gravel size for the type of fish you are going to keep is something to consider.

Another consideration is will your aquarium have live plants? If so, then it would be best to avoid aquarium gravel and switch to a quality, nutrient-rich plant substrate.

8. Impeller filter


The filter impeller is also an important factor in keeping ornamental fish in the aquarium, if the filter impeller assembly is cracked or worn it will be difficult to hold it in position correctly on the pump.

The filter impeller may make a loud noise and may not pump properly. In some cases, this tool may stop working. Therefore, it is better to have one or two boosters in reserve.

9. Vegetable substrate


Choosing a plant substrate over aquarium gravel is one of the most important choices when it comes to aquarium equipment. Especially if live plants will be placed in the aquarium. We recommend choosing nutrient-rich plant substrates to help rooted plants thrive in an aquatic environment.

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