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9 types of fish roe for a delicious and nutritious meal

Did you know that you can not only consume eggs such as chicken, duck or goose? However, you must know the importance of fish roe which has many benefits and has quite important content in the role of daily nutrition. Even Japan is one of the countries that has used fish eggs as food. One of them can be seen in various types of sushi or other processed Japanese dishes.

For those of you who often eat Japanese food like sushi, you must be familiar with the taste of tasty fish roe served raw in it. Yes, Japanese food is synonymous with raw seafood. Some of the nutrients that will be obtained by consuming fish roe are the following:


Fish is known as a food that contains a high enough amount of protein. Therefore, eggs also contain a large amount of protein that is helpful in repairing various tissues in the body. (Also read: Types of glass to clean fish ponds)

#Omega 3

If you need nutrients like omega 3, fish roe is the source. Omega 3 is very useful for health, especially for the heart.


Fish eggs are also rich in selenium, which works with vitamin E in the body. The benefit is to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

#B12 vitamin

Vitamin B12 contained in fish roe is very good to consume for brain health. In addition, the body also needs vitamin B12 to form red blood cells.

#Vitamin D

It is no longer a myth that the body needs vitamin D due to its great benefits for bone health. You can get all of that by eating fish roe that is rich in vitamin D. So what are the types of dietary fish roe you need to know about? (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Needle Fleas On Koi Fish)

Basically there are many types of fish roe that are often used as a food supplement. Some of them are the following:

Types of fish roe for food

1. Tobikō

The name uses a Japanese term because names like this are a type of fish roe that is widely used as food, such as sushi. Its name is Tobiko, it has a small round shape that is usually used as a topping with a smooth and tasty texture. But if someone who has never tried it will judge it quite suspicious. Tobiko is a type of flying fish egg that has different sizes ranging from 0.5mm to 0.8mm.


The next type of fish egg that can be made into food is masago, these are capelin fish eggs. At first glance, this egg looks similar to tobiko, but the masago is smaller and softer. Also, the color is also not the same, ie black or white and not too chewy. Masago is usually used as a garnish in sushi dishes at a lower price than the tobiko type. (Also read: Types of natural fish food)

3. ikura

Ikura is salmon roe that is larger than masago or tobiko. This type of ikura fish eggs has a softer and smoother texture, has a very tasty and slightly salty taste. Ikura has a lot of nutritional content, such as vitamins and a source of DHC, also known as substances that are effective in increasing brain stimulants.

Four. snapper egg

Not only types of Japanese fish roe that can be used as food, but all fish roe can be served as dishes. Among them, one of them is snapper eggs that form lumps with a fairly large size. The groups of fish have a brownish-yellow color and are quite small in size. If you’ve ever seen an ant egg, then that’s how big a snapper egg is. These snapper eggs can be served raw with other foods or fried first, depending on your taste. (Also Read: Koi Fish Qualification Factors During Competition)

5. mackerel eggs

Then for other types of fish, eggs are eggs that come from mackerel. The eggs are almost similar to snapper eggs and have a salty taste. Usually these mackerel roe are made into curries.

6. goldfish eggs

There are still many types of fish roe that you should know about, another one is goldfish roe. It may sound strange considering that goldfish are often used to decorate ponds. However, the taste of eggs is guaranteed to be very delicious and tasty, and it can be sautéed with vegetables using simple spices.

7. catfish eggs

Not only is the meat delicious to eat, but the catfish eggs can also be served in delicious dishes. These catfish eggs are quite large in size and are usually served fried with simple, salty spices. (Also Read: Types of Betta Fish That Can Be Kept)

8. Tuna Egg

We will find this tuna roe in the form of a fairly large lump. One of the famous processed tuna eggs is the Manadonese seasoning woku. Also, a lot of tuna roe is just fried with simple spices, or you get more creative by adding oyster sauce.

9. cork fish egg

There are still so many fish roe that can be eaten, it all depends on the fish. All the types of fish that can be eaten after the eggs are the same. Many snakehead fish roe are processed into stir-fries or curries, depending on taste. (Also read: Types of cleaning fish for Aquaspace)

That is the kind of food fish eggs that can be processed into delicious dishes. Good luck and be creative.

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