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Wild hedgehogs are animals feared by snakes, because the hedgehog’s sharp spines cover its entire body. Perhaps for some people, hedgehogs are scary and scary animals. However, also keep in mind that there are many types of hedgehogs and not all of them are scary.

There are several other types of hedgehogs that are tame and can be considered for keeping at home. Mini hedgehog, as the name implies, this hedgehog is smaller than the hedgehog that is usually seen or found.

For those who are concerned about whether or not this type of mini hedgehog is dangerous, the answer is no. With a small size, the mini hedgehogs are safe to be kept. It has fur that is softer than that of regular hedgehogs and is non-toxic, making mini hedgehogs the right choice for animal lovers.

Unlike a large hedgehog, caring for a newborn mini hedgehog can be done easily. We only need to prepare the cage, the food and also prepare for the maintenance. How, interested in keeping this adorable little animal?

But, before deciding to have exotic animals that can be kept in this house, it is a good idea to first identify the following types of mini hedgehogs:

1. Mini apricot hedgehog

9 types of mini hedgehogs that you can keep

This type of mini hedgehog is unique in the color of its spines, which is orange-brown with red eyes. Ruby this looks so much fun

Not only that, the face is cream and white, and the ears and nose are pink and the lower part of the belly is white.

2. Mini hedgehog Cinnicot

9 types of mini hedgehogs that you can keep

Cinnicot means cinnamon and apricot. This type of hedgehog is the result of a cross between cinnamon and apricot mini hedgehogs. Interestingly, this type of hedgehog can be found in a shape that is part cinnamon-like and part apricot-like.

with red eyes Ruby, this mini cinnicot hedgehog inherits from the mini apricot hedgehog. While in the body it has a white color exactly the same as the cinnamon hedgehog.

3. Mini Charcoal

mini charcoal hedgehog

This hedgehog is divided into two types, carbon snowflake and white carbon. Although they are divided into two, they have exactly the same color of skin, eyes and nose. The difference is in the spines.

Mini hedgehog with white charcoal type, it has white fur up to 70%, the rest of this hedgehog fur has black and white color. For its part, the mini charcoal snowflake hedgehog has 30% white and the rest with a higher percentage is black and white.

4. Mini albino hedgehog

mini albino hedgehog

Like most other types of albino animals, mini albino hedgehogs are characterized by red eyes and white body parts.

Due to its uniqueness, the mini albino hedgehog is one of the types of mini hedgehogs that are targeted by pet lovers. Because this type of hedgehog is a rare animal, of course the mini albino hedgehog has a higher price than other types of mini hedgehog.

5. Mini platinum hedgehog

Hedgehog Mini-Platinum

The mini platinum hedgehog has clean white fur and is a well-known type of hedgehog among animal lovers. For those who want to have a clean looking pet, then they can choose this type of hedgehog.

This type of hedgehog has a white color that goes in harmony with the lower part of its stomach. While the nose, eyes and ears have a dark color.

6. Mini champagne hedgehog

mini champagne hedgehog

This hedgehog has a color scheme that is not too different from the mini cinnicot hedgehog. Only the spines are slightly different from the gray color. Her nose is a bright pink color and her eyes are ruby ​​red.

7. Mini salt and paper hedgehog

Mini Salt and Paper Hedgehog

There is something interesting about this type of hedgehog. In addition to being a type of mini hedgehog easy to find. With its upper skin and entire body dark in color and its lower body bright white, the mini salt and paper hedgehog is a hedgehog that has its own uniqueness.

8. Mini snowflake hedgehog

mini hedgehog snowflake

With a color combination like the mini hedgehog salt and paper, the slowfake mini hedgehog has a more faded color. This type of hedgehog has a combination of white and brown spines.

Like most other types of miniature hedgehogs, the lower belly is white. Also, his brown nose and black eyes make the mini snowflake hedgehog look very cute.

9. Mini Algerian hedgehog

Algerian mini hedgehog

In addition to being very objective, the Algerian hedgehog is one of the best known mini hedgehogs. The hallmark of this hedgehog is its face which has a pattern similar to a mask. Why the mask, because only the face area is black. Meanwhile, the rest of the fur and body have a white color.

Not only that, the mini Algerian hedgehog has spines with a color that comes from a mix of black and white that has similarities to the mini snowflake hedgehog and also the mini salt and paper hedgehog.

Those are some types of mini hedgehogs that can also be used as pets for children. Before you put it away, also understand how to tame a mini hedgehog to make it easy to keep.

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