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9 Ways to Make Alternative Catfish Feed
Catfish farming is certainly promising, providing quite satisfactory profits. Some people have done this as part of their business. Actually you can do the same, but it all depends on the intentions of each person.

However, catfish farming is different from chicken farming. If, in general, raising chickens only requires a cage made of bamboo, then it is different with fish farming. Of course, because the fish must live in the water, which of course must provide a strategic location.

One of them is to make a pool. In fact, building a pond requires more funds than making a chicken coop out of only bamboo. Not to mention if at the time of cleaning it really takes time and effort.

Catfish will easily die if they are only allowed to live in barrels or containers, especially if the capacity of the catfish you are raising is quite large.

However, when you harvest the crop you will be able to feel what the benefits are like. Catfish provides a fairly large profit, although everything still depends on your treatment.

One way to provide a quality catfish farm is to provide proper nutrition and feeding.

Providing balanced nutrition will affect the health of the catfish during the harvest period. Feed is an important intake for catfish that you need to pay attention to, don’t buy it just because you can do it yourself. How to make an alternative feed for catfish will be explained to make it easier for you to mix it up.

It is important that you read articles on how to make alternative food for catfish, which is to relieve you more of expenses, because you do not have to buy it every day. Here are some ways to make alternative catfish feeds. (Also read: Ways to organically farm catfish)

Beforehand, you should know that there are many organic ingredients to make catfish feed around us. Also, what needs to be considered when choosing the ingredients to make organic catfish feed instead of pellets is the protein content.

The higher the protein content in an ingredient, the better the feed produced for the catfish. There are various materials that we can use to make catfish alternative feeds, such as fish meal, soybean meal, coconut meal, cornmeal, fine bran, and tapioca meal.

  1. Preparation of materials

As already mentioned, some of the materials used, among others, have been mentioned above. The first step in making an alternative catfish feed is to prepare all the ingredients. Make sure all the basic ingredients you need don’t need to look any further or are actually available.

  1. Preparing the Container

Prepare a container or bucket that will be used to make catfish feed. Use a sterile container, because with a hygienic container the health of the catfish is maintained. The bucket you need doesn’t have to be too big, just medium in size. (Also read: Organic Catfish Farming in Canvas Ponds)

  1. mixing

Once the necessary materials and media are ready, you just need to process to make catfish feed. The trick is to mix all the ingredients together, like the fishmeal, soybean meal, cornmeal, and tempeh yeast, and stir until well blended. Make sure that everything has been mixed well and then you can add a little water to make the dough more flexible.

  1. temporary fermentation

It is said to be fermented because this process will quiet down first, it just doesn’t take up to two days or more. Enough to put the dough in a container that has been prepared and hermetically sealed, so that there is not the slightest hole left. Then let stand for about 12 hours.

  1. Grinding

The ingredients to be ground are salted fish and papaya leaves. This process is done until both are really smooth and soft. (Also read: Cultivation of Sangkuriang catfish in canvas ponds)

  1. salted fish mix

After the 12 hour period has passed, you can open the fermented catfish feed. Then mix it with salted fish grinder and papaya leaves. Gently stir or mix until smooth and forms a smooth dough.

  1. Print

The dough that has been mixed with salted fish and papaya leaves will be printed. The machine used for printing is a pelletizer. For this stamping process it is very necessary because in addition to being easy for you to store it, giving it to catfish is also easy.

  1. Drying time

After being printed with a pellet machine, catfish still cannot be fed. This is because the food must be dried first. This process is carried out until the dough is completely dry. (Also Read: How To Breed Dumbo Catfish)

  1. Ready to be fed to catfish

After going through the previous 8 stages, the catfish can finally be given the food. For this feeding technique you also need to distribute it evenly, this is because catfish don’t get together in one place where one catfish can hurt each other.

That is a guide on how to make alternative catfish feeds that you can try applying yourself to the catfish you are handling and hopefully it can help all you growers out there. By making your own feed you will certainly save costs later on. Good luck and good luck!

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