If you are thinking of adopting and improving the life of a puppy, now is the time! At Terraviva we are committed to adoption responsibly. Lots of puppies, who are not lucky enough to have a home or a family, wish they did.


This is how in our stores we are committed to helping to all those puppies who need help finding someone to take care of them. At Terraviva we do not sell puppies and kittens, we join in their adoption.

DO NOT FORGET… What does it mean to adopt?

• Is to provide you with chance to a puppy, without a home, without a family, without anyone who can take care of him or even that has been abandoned…

• It is to reduce the saturation of shelters and improve conditions of the puppies and kittens that live there…

• Adopting is good for the Health: an animal not only increases the good mood, but also makes our daily habits healthier. They are wonderful and share their happiness with us.

• Ultimately, to adopt is to find a faithful companion for you and yours. A new best friend.

• And much more!…

Adopt: What does it mean to adopt a pet?

Deciding to adopt a dog is a big decision. It is a commitment of years, not something lightly. But most important of all, we must remember that this It must be a thoughtful and consensual decision with the whole family and inhabitants of your home, and you should ask yourself a series of basic questions such as if you have enough time to take care of it, if you have enough space to have a new life at home, etc.

If the answer to all these questions is positive, we invite you to look for us on our Facebook page (Terraviva Animal Shop) where you can keep up with the puppies and kittens that may be waiting for you.

And of course! We encourage you to join the cause and spread the importance of adopting!

Adopt: What does it mean to adopt a pet?

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Adopt: What does it mean to adopt a pet?

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