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This Alaskan Malamut is a breed of dog that is often used to pull carriages. Because it is physically resilient, many residents live in its natural habitat as a means of daily transportation, although not as much now as before.

The Alaskan Malamute is found primarily in cold climates and is one of the largest dog breeds in the Arctic region, but it is not the most expensive animal breed in the world. Well, next we will talk in more depth about the Alaskan Malamut Dog for all of you, what are they? let’s see below.


As its name suggests, this Alaskan Malamut Dog hails from the Mahelmuts, Alaska, USA area. Previously, this breed of dog was a pet of the native Alaskans from 2,000 to 3,000 years ago.

Giving the name Alaskan Malamut Dog is because this dog is found in many areas of Alaska, where the people there are known as Inuit or Mahelmuts. This dog is still a family of Siberian Husky, Eskimo and Samoyed dog breeds originating from the American continent.

For the Eskimos, they use this dog as a means of transportation to travel. With its large enough size, this dog has the ability to pull the sled even with a load of various materials and food.

In addition to being a means of transportation, this Alaskan Malamut Dog is also often invited by its owner to hunt. And at the turn of the century into the 20th century, many people outside of Alaska were drawn to this breed of dog as their sled animal.

In the 1920s, this dog began to develop as a certain type of dog. And in 1935, the existence of this Alaskan Malamut breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club and has been exhibited in various dog shows.

physical characteristics

This Alaskan Malamut breed has physical characteristics that make it easy to identify compared to other dog breeds. And here are some physical characteristics you should know to get to know him better:

1. Good looking and athletic body

The body shape of the Alaskan Malamut is due to the fact that it is one of the most active dog breeds, they like to do activities with a lot of movement, such as running, digging the ground, pulling trains and much more.

This dog has a height of about 25 centimeters in the male, while the female has a height of up to 23 centimeters. But in some cases there are female species that have a larger body size and weight than the male.

2. The head is round and wide

The Alaskan Malamut’s skull tends to be rounder and broader than that of the average dog. The muzzle of this dog is also medium in size, not too pointed at the end.

Then for the tooth arrangement of this cut dog with a very large and strong jaw size. The Alaskan Malamut’s head tends to be broad and has upright ears, small almond-shaped eyes that are dark brown in color.

Perhaps from some parts there is a resemblance to a Doberman dog, it’s just that the dog does not have thick fur, because its life is not in a cold environment. So it won’t hold up when dogs like Dobermans are released into the wild when it’s snowing.

3. The claws are similar to those of a cat.

The shape of the claws of the Alaskan Malamut Dog is similar to the claws of a cat, which looks downward. But there is a reason why the claws fold down, because it serves to grip a large surface so that they do not slip easily, especially when pulling a stroller.

4. Long and big legs

The shape of the legs that this dog has is very level and large. The Alaskan Malamute’s paws are padded, making them easy to step on in the snowy areas of their natural habitat.

The front legs of these dogs are also very robust and strong, where they have muscular bones. The Alaskan Malamute Dog’s fist is also very large and the fingers are very tight.

Then the muzzle and legs generally have lighter colored fur compared to the body. And perhaps such features are familiar to most people, because they are often shown in movies or TV series.

5. Have a smooth and soft coat

This Alaskan Malamut has a very smooth and soft coat. In addition, the coat is also very clean because they can clean the dirt on their own, so it is not surprising that this breed of dog is rarely bathed.

This dog’s coat also has two layers that are close together. The outer fur is carpet-like and also very thick, while the inner fur is soft like cotton.

The purpose of this thick fur is, of course, to maintain the dog’s body temperature, considering that they have a natural habitat in a place with a cold climate. The coat color of this Alaskan Malamut Dog is almost like that of a wolf.

But the dominant colors are gray and black, there are even cases where the dog has a combination of both coat colors. And more or less this fur problem is the same as the characteristics of polar bears that you should know about.

6. The tail is curly and curly.

The distinctive feature of the Alaskan Malamut is its curly, curly tail. However, when this dog is walking or on alert, the tail can be raised.

7. Character

This Alaskan Malamut is a breed of dog, but it has the unique habit of howling like a wolf. Behind its robust and fierce body, but in reality this breed of dog has a kind and friendly demeanor, in fact, they also love to play with children.

His friendly face makes many people interested in adopting him, so it is no wonder that this type of Alaskan Malamut Dog is widely kept as a pet or used as a show animal.

Alaskan Malamut dogs are also intelligent animals, where they can quickly learn every lesson given. In addition to having high intelligence, this dog is also very obedient to his master, where you can apply how to make a dog obedient to his master.

There is a bad attitude to this dog that you should be aware of, this Alaskan Malamut Dog can act rude and ferocious like a big dog in general. For that they need to be trained intensely so that this wild attitude does not appear and can help the work of their bosses.

You need to know if the Alaskan Malamut Dog is more suitable as a working dog. Because the nature of these workers has become embedded in it, and in its original habitat, in fact, humans use them to help work.


In the care of this Alaskan Malamut Dog, there is no need for a special method, especially for food intake. This dog can be given general dog food, and occasionally vitamins and fish oil can be given to boost the body’s immune system.

Some of the healthy foods for this dog include dog food, raw food, and chicken feet. Now giving chicken claws is intended as a tool to meet the protein needs in the body.

When giving this claw, it does not need to be boiled first, so it can be given immediately after cleaning. However, you as the owner should also be vigilant, because some dogs will show signs of a food allergy after consuming it.

Meanwhile, for raw food, this can be in the form of vegetables or fresh meat, and the best type of meat for this dog is beef or lamb. To give the Alaskan Malamut Dog drinks, you cannot be careless, because there is already a certain brand of beverage containers for him.

Care and Health

As we mentioned earlier, if this Alaskan Malamut has a thick and strong coat, then you should brush these hairs twice a week with dry shampoo.

Because the original habitat of this dog is a cold and snowy place, before adopting it you must prepare a cool place for it to rest comfortably.

You can use air conditioning if by any chance the air temperature in your house tends to be high. By providing this cool room, you will help your dog avoid heat stroke due to overly hot weather.

So that the fine hair of the Alaskan Malamut does not fall out easily, nutrition is also important. In addition, environmental factors also have an effect, so make sure the temperature in the home stays cool and not too hot.

Enough of the Alaskan Malamut Dog reviews, hopefully it will be helpful and added to your knowledge later on. Also check out other discussions on how to take care of a 1 month old dog for beginners that you can apply.

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