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What races are incompatible?

As we have mentioned before, aquarium is a very big hobby worldwide. There are many aquarium lovers who want to enjoy the peace and relaxation that the movement of the aquariums gives them. fish in its harmonious aquarium. This is how they recommend it even as a therapeutic effect.

But the care of the inhabitants of the aquariums, that of our friends the fish, is essential to be able to keep it healthy and attractive. So it is necessary to have the basic knowledge so that do not mix races that are incompatible. Otherwise we could find ourselves with horrible effects.

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Can I put any type of fish in my aquarium?

This always depends. If you have decided to have only one species, you should not have any problems. Yes indeed, from Terraviva we do not advise you to have more than half a dozen copies. In this way you can avoid fights and confrontations since each animal will occupy its own area

You must bear in mind that there are some species that are incompatible with other specimens, even with those of the same family. For example: the betta. Even for her reproduction, the female must be removed immediately so that she is not attacked.

On the other hand, you cannot mix large fish, as they will end up eating the little ones. Of course, do not be scared by what we explain to you, since these are just some examples and the care of fish is still fascinating.

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How can I find out about the types of compatible fish in my aquarium?

A reliable way to learn how to get along with this wonderful hobby is to ask us in our stores when you can go, we will be happy to advise you personally. Sometimes he qualified and experienced staff It is the one that can best inform you in detail of everything you need to know about your aquarium and its fish.

It is also very common to use the large number of aquarium forums that exist on the Internet. In this kind of Webmany amateurs often answer questions from novice people who want to learn.

Diving through the network of networks, you will find very useful information. It is the case of this table of compatibilities and incompatibilities. It is very interesting, because it uses different colors so that you can identify if your fish can be mixed with any new one that you have noticed. Also at the end of this publication we have added an image so you can consult it.

Other tips to follow to have a harmonious aquarium?

If you don’t want to dedicate yourself to breeding, we recommend putting same sex fish. In this way you will avoid confrontations that occur between alpha males, as happens with all species.

Also find out about the fish that can coexist and share the same pH of the water in your aquarium.

Try not to buy impulsively since it is usually a typical way to make mistakes. If you fall in love with a specimen, inform yourself very well beforehand and make sure that it is compatible with the other fish that you may already have.

Follow Terraviva tips and enjoy your hobby!

Are you going to have fish? Beware of mixing incompatible breeds

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