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Keeping pets has now become a trend and a hobby that is rapidly growing and becoming a lifestyle. Keeping pets when it is not just about the general types of animals that are kept, such as birds, cats, dogs, but it develops into various types of animals that may not be very well known and still have a wild nature, namely , beach monkeys. Caring for beach monkeys or long-tailed monkeys with their wild characteristics requires several ways and the correct steps in the maintenance process are explained based on the description below.

  1. Choose a baby beach coverall

The first thing to consider in explaining beach monkey care tips is to have a monkey that will be properly cared for. The monkeys to choose are cubs because monkeys that are still in their infancy need a lot of effort to care for them and beginners should avoid caring for baby monkeys which is comparable to caring for human babies. Baby beach monkeys are also better prepared not to live with their mothers. (also read

  1. Prepare a suitable cage

The next step that should be taken into account in the tips for the maintenance of beach monkeys is to make sure that the cage used is really suitable and ready to use. The larger the size of the cage to be used, the better for the monkey. If the funds you have are mediocre, you can use a cat cage that is level two. (Also read: how to care for proboscis monkeys)

  1. Understand the behavior patterns of beach monkeys.

What needs to be understood is also related to the process of caring for primate beach monkeys or long-tailed monkeys as pets, is to understand their behavior. Through proper understanding, the treatment process can be carried out in an easier way. (Also read: how to care for a long-tailed monkey)

  1. give the right food

As less popular pets, beach monkeys still don’t have packaged food like cats or dogs. The type of food given to beach monkeys or long-tailed monkeys can be in the form of fresh fruit. In addition to fruit that is cut into small pieces or made into porridge, for a more practical way, owners of beach monkeys can use baby porridge that is widely sold in packaged containers in various stores with a thick consistency and a little of water. (Also read: how to train a hunting dog)

  1. Give milk and clean water.

One of the next things to understand in keeping beach monkeys is to make sure you always provide clean water. In addition to clean water, monkeys can also be given milk, which is usually used by babies to help fulfill their body’s nutrition so that the process of physical and psychological growth and development of beach monkeys can take place. correctly. (Also read: how to make a bitch lust)

  1. Always invite the monkeys to interact.

It is the same as caring for other pets, to help improve the emotional relationship between beach monkeys and their owners, they often go through the process of interaction on a regular basis. In addition to interacting, monkey pups are also just like human pups who are very happy to be invited to play. (Also read: how proboscis monkeys survive)

Those are some simple things that need to be understood and kept in mind in explaining tips for keeping beach monkeys or long-tailed monkeys above. Good and correct care will determine to a large extent that the monkey can live peacefully and without major health problems.

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