Today we bring you a blog that is different from the others and it is that summer is coming and surely you have planned to go to the beach with your friend, we tell you which beaches there are for dogs in Alicante.

in terraviva you will find accessories for a day at the beach with your pet.


River Point

It is a small beach that is reserved for our pets to enjoy a refreshing swim. It is located at the end of the promenade, and very close to the beach is the dog park for even more fun.

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Barranc d’Aigües beach

A small natural beach of approximately 500 meters in length that is located in the north of Campello, next to the nudist beach.

The beach is stone and gravel, so make sure you pack something comfortable if you plan to spend the day there.

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Vilera del Xarco

In Villajoyosa they have a beach for dogs called Vilera del Xarco, This beach is one of the most natural formed by rocks located south of the city, (the one that is enabled for our pets is the one on the right side of the beach).

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Holy pola

Cove of the gossets

It is a small natural cove located next to the natural park of Cabo de Santa Pola, this cove is made up of stones and fine sand and is one of the most inhabited.

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marl water beach

The beach for dogs has approximately 250 linear meters and is located between Alicante and Urbanova. This beach has hooks, adapted umbrellas, and there is also a place that sells food for dogs, it is one of the most complete in the province of Alicante.

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Sea and mountain

It is a small beach located on the north coast of the town, between the sea and mountain port and the reef in front of the illeta. It is a little frequented area since it is not an urban area.

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moor’s cove

It is at the southern end of Cabo Cervera, near residential areas. It is a beach with sand and rocks, with a low cliff.

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It is very important that your pet does not spend much time in the sun during the high heat hours as it could give him a heat stroke, we leave you our blog against heat stroke that could be interesting.

Beaches For Dogs In The Province Of Alicante

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