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Lovebirds are one of the most popular birds today as pets and for singing contests and the way their feathers look. To achieve optimal bird plumage and song, the bird care process must be carried out properly, one of which is providing selected feed. One type of food choice that is good for lovebirds is kale, which has several benefits. Here are some of the benefits of kale for lovebirds outlined below.

  1. Increase the lust of birds.

The benefits of kale for the first lovebird is that it can help increase the lust for the lovebird. Increased lust is necessary when breeding birds. The body can control more of the surge of lust that kale provides, so it won’t cause overstimulation. The existence of these benefits makes lovebirds fed water spinach have better productivity. The lust that is kept in the birds is needed more in the birds that are in captivity to multiply the existing bird species. (Also read: how to cure patek in lovebirds)

  1. Speed ​​up the digestion and metabolism of the body.

Kangkung can help lovebirds with good digestion and their metabolic system running smoothly. The existence of the benefits of kale makes lovebirds get all good nutrition for the growth and development of birds. The well-functioning digestive tract and metabolism of the body, in addition to meeting nutritional needs, can also help maintain the condition of birds so that they are not susceptible to disease. (Also read: concoction for lovebirds to make them tremble for a long time)

  1. soothing lovebirds

In addition to being able to make lovebirds better at lust, kale also has sedative properties that can provide calm. The calmness of the bird is needed more when it will face the competition so that when the race begins, the bird will be in a position to fight. The peace of mind that comes from consuming kale can also prevent females from becoming aggressive. (Also read: how to have a lovebird at home)

  1. Neutralizes the poison in the body of the lovebird

The next benefit that is also quite useful for lovebirds is to help neutralize the toxins contained in the bird’s body. The neutralization process will make the body healthier and less susceptible to certain diseases. Kangkung can be used for lovebirds that are poisoned in the water and provided food in the cage. Kangkung also has properties as an antioxidant that can counteract free radicals in the body of lovebirds. (Also read: tips for buying lovebirds for beginners)

  1. Overcome health problems in birds

The last benefit lovebirds can get from consuming kale regularly is to help overcome health problems in birds, such as overcoming and preventing swelling or inflammation in the bird’s body, stopping bleeding, and throwing off a blocked digestive tract or experiencing certain problems. (Also read: how to care for lovebirds)

Those are some types of benefits that can be obtained from kale based on existing experience. The benefits of kale for lovebirds can also be felt in other types of birds and can be used as a healthy food in the process of caring for these birds. Giving spinach to water should also be considered to avoid overdoing it, considering that kale also has certain weaknesses.

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