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As one of the most popular pets in the community, discussions of cats and other related things continue to be an interesting thing to reveal to cat lovers so that the treatment process given to their pets is appropriate. Bathing a cat is an activity that is often questioned if it is permissible or not and what are the benefits or impacts that can occur if it is carried out. This condition is the same as the explanation below about whether bathing kittens is allowed.

Can a kitten be bathed?

This question often comes up for cat owners who have just given birth to kittens. As for the bath of the kittens, this appears because after the birth the kittens have a very dirty body and sometimes it smells bad. As it turns out, however, many experts and veterinarians don’t recommend that cat owners bathe kitty unless there are certain conditions that make bathing mandatory, and even then with caution. (Also read: types of viruses in cats)

Reasons why kittens should not be bathed

As in the previous explanation, bathing kittens is not recommended considering that there are reasons and impacts that may occur on the cat’s health status. Reasons why kittens should not be bathed include:

  1. The condition is still fragile, the condition of the kitten after birth of course still has a very fragile condition including skin and fur so it is very risky when it is about to be bathed.
  2. The risk of skin blisters, skin conditions that are still very sensitive can also blister when bathed in warm water. scalding the kitten’s skin will cause a dangerous condition. (Also read: cat disease in the rainy season)
  3. The risk of hypothermia, the condition of the body that is still weak and does not have a strong immune system and thin skin means that kittens who are bathed in cold water are at risk of experiencing hypothermia, or a condition where their body temperature is very low.
  4. Allergic reactions, other risks or impacts that may arise when bathing a kitten with shampoo or soap is the occurrence of an allergic reaction that will upset the health of the kitten’s condition. (Also read: Skin diseases in cats)

Age at which cats can be bathed

Seeing an explanation of the impact that can arise when a kitten is bathed at an age that is not yet sufficient, then of course there is a suitable age for the kitten to allow himself and not have problems bathing him. This condition occurs because bathing pets is one of the cleanliness maintenance processes to avoid diseases that can attack the animal itself or its owner. The appropriate age to bathe a cat is two months or eight weeks, the age from which the cat is in good condition. (Also read: diseases in cats that are transmitted to humans)

Those are some explanations for whether you can bathe kittens that should be carefully considered. From the above explanation, it is known that kittens that are not old enough should not be bathed because their skin and body conditions are still fragile. It is also important to pay attention to how to bathe an adult cat so that it does not cause dangerous conditions for the kittens. (Also read: types of oral diseases in cats)

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