care for pregnant dogs

The duration of the pregnancy of pregnant dogs can last about 60-65 days. It is very important to avoid any situation of stress or anxiety, because it can affect the health of the puppies or the dog.

Another thing to take into account is their behavior, they may be somewhat more aggressive than normal, we should not scold them, since it is something very normal when they are pregnant.

On the other hand, if we see that she is not so receptive to our pampering, we must leave her space so as not to generate stress.

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It is important that they exercise, always thinking for each stage of pregnancy.

Have good hygiene.

Prepare a place where you can rest comfortable, comfortable and warm.

Deworm her for intestinal parasites and against fleas. Consult the veterinarian beforehand so that he can advise you what to give him in his case.

How to feed my pregnant dog?

Food is something that must be taken into account in the pregnancy of our dog. Normally when about six weeks have passed, we should increase the amount of food. It is best to take him to the vet to advise us how much to give him.

Puppy food is usually recommended, since these foods are richer in nutrients and will provide the necessary calories and energy.

It is very important not to change his food abruptly, especially during the first two weeks, it will be necessary to gradually mix his usual food with this other one.

It would be good to continue with the feed even after giving birth, at least until weaning, so that you can pass the nutrients to your puppies.

How to know that your dog is in labor

The first thing we usually notice is that their behavior is different. She is nervous, and looks for a secluded and quiet place to prepare a nest.

Another sign that tells us that she is in labor is the expulsion of the mucous plug through the vulva.

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Care and Tips for Pregnant Dogs

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