Which is the better option to spay or neuter?

Many of us have doubts about what is best for our pet if we castrate or sterilize, well, in today’s blog we tell you advantages and disadvantages on this subject that may help you make a decision.

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What is sterilization?

To sterilize is to prevent the bitch from becoming pregnant, which consists of the ligation of the fallopian tubes, or the dog from being fertile, which consists of a less invasive surgical intervention than castration where the seminiferous ducts are sectioned, in both cases they continue to maintain their sexual organs. and their sexual behavior.

Advantages of sterilization

  • The surgery is simpler and less invasive.
  • They recover faster.
  • It reduces prostate diseases in the case of males and in females it reduces the possibility of diseases of the uterus, ovaries and mammary tumors.

Disadvantages of sterilization

In the case of males:
  • The production of hormones is not eliminated, therefore sexual desire is not eliminated.
  • If the dog is dominant, he will not change his behavior.
In the case of females:

– They continue to be in heat, they continue to attract males.

– His character does not change.

What is castration?

In the case of males, it requires surgery, it consists of the extraction of the testicles and in females the uterus and ovaries or only the ovaries are removed. In both males and females after castration sexual behavior disappears.

Advantages of castration

In the case of males:
  • The male no longer has sexual desire and avoids aggressive behavior.
  • Decreases the probability of prostate diseases.
  • Dominance decreases, they will be more sociable and it is easier to educate being more meek.
In the case of females:
  • They do not produce hormones, therefore the heat disappears.
  • Prevents breast cancer and tumors in the reproductive organs.
  • Improvement in behavior.

Disadvantages of castration in both cases

-Like any surgery there is danger in anesthesia.

-Recovery is slower than sterilization.

-In some cases it can cause obesity if it is not given the appropriate diet.

*It is important to go to your veterinarian to advise you in each case which is best for your pet.

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Castrate Or Sterilize Advantages, Disadvantages Of Your Pet

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