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For those of you who have mammalian cats, have you ever noticed if your cat purrs? Perhaps this is a common thing, yes, but what if the cat purrs constantly? Is this a good or bad sign?

So for those of you who have a cat with this condition, it’s very appropriate because several things about this issue will be presented in the following discussion. There are several causes and this apparently needs special attention from you, the owner, because it could be a code from the animal to the owner.

Causes of purring in cats

1. Cats are happy

The reason the cat constantly purrs for the first time is because your pet is comfortable and happy. Usually the cat purrs when he is sitting with his eyes slowly closed.

The purr that occurs in cats from childhood carries over to their adulthood, and they give a signal to their owner, if they are in a good mood and feel happy. And here are some tips for keeping a cat in a boarding house to keep it growing well.

2. It may also be that the cat feels nervous or scared

But make no mistake, this cat’s purring habit isn’t just because her mood is comfortable and happy. But it could be the other way around, when your cat is nervous or a sign that the cat is scared about something.

For this condition, cats usually purr with their hair standing on end, this could be because they have seen or experienced something that makes them nervous or even scared.

Usually, this purr will be heard a few minutes after she has experienced it, but you don’t need to panic because this cat’s purr is one of her ways of calming herself down from the fear she just experienced. Here’s how to deal with a frightened cat to apply it and make it calmer.

3. Snoring due to near injury or death

The most fatal sign, if by any chance your cat is sick or injured, then he will also purr, indicating if he is injured or even close to death. The vibration of the purr that echoes throughout the cat’s body can make breathing easier, heal wounds, and reduce pain or swelling.

A cat that is in pain or has an injury will purr to heal the wound as well as to calm itself. Usually, if there is another cat, it will curl up next to it.

Things like that are usually done by their closest friends and they join in with the snoring to help soothe those in pain. If your pet cat is weak, you can apply the following ways to quickly treat a lame cat.

Even cats that die soon also purr to calm down. They will usually find a quiet, comfortable spot, after which you will roll over while snoring to calm down and contain the pain you are experiencing.

And as a way to deal with this, it is necessary for the cat to feel comfortable at all times, and provide peace of mind regarding its food consumption and entertainment. Additionally, there are some interesting facts related to cat purring, including:

  • Snoring has healing power

Family cats (other than tigers, jaguars, leopards, lions) will purr at a frequency between 25 and 50 hertz, while a pet cat owned by most people will purr at a frequency of 26 hertz.

Reporting from the Scientific American page, if the sound of cats purring with this frequency can help in healing and also solidify their bones.

Researchers believe that if a cat constantly purrs, this is a way for the animal to stimulate its muscles and bones without expending a lot of excess energy.

This is because, as is known, most cats will spend most of their time resting and sleeping. And this can help in the healing process of their bones and muscles, but if you do break a bone, you need to apply ways to treat broken bones in cats to help it heal.

  • Can relieve stress in humans

This cat’s purr has a frequency that can make a person feel relaxed during therapy. So by listening to the cat purr, you may find it easier to release tension and calm down.

Some researchers also say that someone who owns a cat can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of diseases such as heart attacks, which remain one of the leading causes of human death in the world.

So that was a little explanation on why cats constantly purr that you need to know. This cat’s purr has many meanings, so you need to make you, as the cat owner, understand the pet’s condition.

Not only do you need to listen to her purr, but you also need to watch her movements to see if she is okay or if she needs help, or even if there is a sign that the cat wants to play with you.

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