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Fish is one of the pet choices that has been made by humans for a long time and is even believed to have been made many years ago. Koi fish is quite an interesting type of pet fish, and of course a fish that has a high sales value, so the treatment process should be maximized. With regard to koi fish, there are several problems that can occur in the fish that will certainly endanger the physical condition of the fish being kept, one of them is when the tail of the koi fish gets damaged. Here are some of the causes of damaged koi fish tails that need to be considered properly and some ways that can be done to overcome them in the explanation below.

  1. Fungal infection in koi fish tail

The first cause that can cause a koi fish to experience a damaged tail condition is due to a fungus that infects the tail, so the infection can affect the condition of the koi fish completely and over time if not managed properly, the tail of the koi fish will be spoiled. To prevent tail damage, you can overcome the condition of fungal infections by using antifungal solutions that are widely sold in ornamental fish stores. (Also read: how to care for koi fish)

  1. injured koi fish tail

Koi tail injury is a condition that can cause the tail to become damaged and will certainly affect the quality and appearance of the ornamental fish. Injured tails can be caused by friction in the tank or accidentally being struck by certain sharp objects. Wounded tails must be handled properly so they are not damaged. (Also read: how to keep koi fish in a pond at home)

  1. Bacterial infection in koi fish

Another cause of damaged koi fish tails is due to a bacterial infection that attacks the tail. This bacterial infection can be caused by the condition of the pool that is already covered in a large number of bacteria that are produced due to pool cleaning that is not properly maintained and the decreasing quality of the pool water. Bacterial infections in the tails of koi fish are caused by the bacteria Aeromonas hydrophilia which can infect the fish’s tails and then spread to their bodies. If the infection is not treated, it can cause the tail to rot and become damaged. Treatment with antibacterial drugs in an appropriate way will help to cure it accompanied by prevention through oxygen regulation and cleaning of pool water. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Needle Lice On Koi Fish)

  1. Koi fish infected with parasites

Apart from bacteria, parasites are also one of the microorganisms that can infect the body of koi fish. Among various parts of the koi fish body, the tail is the part that is most at risk of being attacked by parasites. This parasite attack can cause damage to the tail because the parasite sucks the food essence out of the koi fish’s tail. To overcome this, the parasite must be taken and eliminated. (Also read: how to deal with stressed koi fish)

  1. Improper Koi Fish Care

From all the above explanations about the causes of damaged koi fish tails, it can be concluded that improper koi fish care is the most influential. Improper treatments include irregular pond cleaning, too many koi in a pond, poor quality feed, etc. (Also read: how to maintain koi fish pond water sanitation)

Those are some explanations about the causes of damaged koi fish tails that should be considered and avoided by all owners of these ornamental fish along with various ways that can be done to overcome them.

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