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There are several types of birds that have recently circulated as one of the birds that are most interested in being kept. For bird lovers, the breeding of canaries is not only aimed at making them grow, but can also be used as a commercial field by cultivating these birds. In the process of growing and breeding canaries as one of the songbirds, of course various forms of problems can arise, one of which is when the birds lay eggs in feedlots. Here are some explanations about the causes of walnuts laying eggs in food that need to be properly considered and how to prevent them in the review below.

Causes that canaries lay eggs instead of food

Canary egg laying is one of the good news for bird owners who are really hoping to breed these birds. However. Eggs released into the feed are not ideal conditions and can cause the eggs to become problematic. Some of the causes of nuts laying eggs in food include:

  • Egg-laying nest not preparedThe first reason why canaries often lay eggs anywhere, including feed, is because the necessary nest for the bird to lay eggs has not been prepared. (Also read: tips for choosing nuts in the ombyokan cage)
  • The egg-laying nest is not comfortable., the state of the nest to spawn must be really comfortable and according to the needs of the canary to be able to spawn in the right place. Nest placement in the cage that is not correct is one of the main conditions that causes birds to be reluctant to lay eggs in the cage.
  • Cage conditions are not ideal.Less than ideal cage conditions like mites and lice, made from materials that are not in accordance with the canaries’ needs, and the presence of too many cage preservatives are less than ideal conditions that cause birds to lay eggs elsewhere . (Also read: benefits of honey in canaries)
  • A most ideal feeding place for laying eggs., another of the reasons why canaries lay eggs in the feed is because these conditions are more suitable than a cage to lay eggs. (Also read: canary cattle colony)

How to prevent walnuts from laying eggs in the feed

After knowing that there are several causes that make walnuts lay eggs in the feed, in the previous section we reviewed, of course, how to determine it correctly. Here’s how to prevent canaries from laying eggs in the wrong place, for example:

  • Prepare the cage, preparing a cage to lay eggs for canaries that have already been mated is essential so that the birds can lay eggs correctly. (Also read: the benefits of tomato in canaries)
  • The cage must be comfortable and ideal, The cage that is prepared must be comfortable and suitable for the birds to lay eggs and make sure that it is correctly positioned. Make sure the proper materials are used and the cage must be clean to avoid mites and fleas.
  • Pay attention to where the feed is.Another way to avoid this is to make the feeding area less attractive for canaries to lay eggs, which includes making the area smaller and the location less than ideal for laying eggs. (Also read: how to treat fungus in canaries)

Those are some explanations for the causes of canaries laying eggs in food that should be carefully considered by all bird owners. Laying eggs on the food will cause the canary’s eggs to become damaged and unable to hatch because they are usually not properly incubated by the parents.

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