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Tilapia is a type of food fish that is certainly widely farmed to meet the needs of the community. In the farming process, one of the things that makes tilapia quality is the weight of the fish. In order to get the fish to have an ideal weight, the feeding process must be considered and carried out properly. One of the things that can affect the tilapia feeding process is the condition of the fish having a reduced or decreased appetite. As one of the troublesome conditions in the process of raising valuable fish, the condition of fish that has decreased appetite should be considered. Here are some of the causes of decreased appetite for tilapia and how to overcome them in the review below.

Causes of decreased appetite for tilapia

Before understanding the ways that can be done to overcome decreased appetite in tilapia, it is necessary to understand the causes of this condition. Here are some explanations for what causes value fish to experience a decrease in appetite, including:

  • incompatible feedThe first reason why tilapia become lazy to eat is because of the wrong feed or the wrong feed for the needs of the fish. Dirty feed can also make tilapia lazy to eat. (Also read: tips for tilapia to reproduce quickly)
  • Pool cleaning not maintainedPond cleanliness condition that is not maintained can also cause tilapia to experience a decrease in appetite. Ponds that are too dirty can cause tilapias to experience stress conditions and affect their appetite. (Also read: Tilapia farming 3 months after harvest)
  • Less than ideal water conditions, less than ideal water conditions can also be a cause of decreased appetite for tilapia. Non-ideal water conditions are due to changes in water temperature that are too hot or too cold and unstable pH of the pool water, including a lack of dissolved oxygen in the pool water.
  • Ammonia content in swimming pool water, ammonia is a toxic substance to all living things that can cause tilapia to have a decreased appetite condition. (Also read: steps to spread tilapia seeds)

How to Overcome Decreased Appetite in Tilapia

For maximum tilapia farming results, the condition of decreased appetite must be overcome according to the causes described above. Here are some ways to overcome decreased appetite in tilapia, such as:

  • change feed, the first step that must be taken to deal with a tilapia that has lost its appetite is to replace the food that was previously given. (Also read: how to care for tilapia larvae)
  • Improve water qualityImproving agar quality and maintaining pond temperature and pH will also help restore tilapia appetite condition.
  • Pay attention to the cleanliness of the pool., Tilapia ponds should also be cleaned and water replaced when harmful substances are found to pollute the pond so that it can help the fish no longer become stressed and lose their appetite. (Also read: red tilapia cattle)

These are some explanations about the causes of decreased appetite for tilapia and some efforts that can be made to overcome or prevent conditions that can have a major impact on tilapia aquaculture yields.

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