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The closeness of domestic dogs to humans sometimes makes them not only pets, but also friends and even family members. Of course, loss and deep pain would be felt if the dog were to die even so suddenly. He knows the cause and watch for the signs.

The sudden death of a beloved dog certainly brings deep sadness and can even bring prolonged trauma to the owner. The emotional closeness between a dog and its owner is often so closely intertwined that losing a dog can be like losing a relative.

There are several causes of dog death. From long-term illnesses, diseases that can be detected to unknown causes. Here are some reasons behind sudden death in dogs:

Old age

The calculation of the age of dogs and humans is certainly not the same. It is said that the first year of a dog’s life can be equated to 15 years of age in humans. But that is not to say that a dog is 2 years old compared to a 30 year old human being. There are differences and formulas to calculate age estimates.

Around 13.8% of dogs die suddenly due to old age of the dog. The average dog can be around 10 to 13 years old. But throughout recorded history, the oldest dog that ever lived reached the age of 29 years and 6 months, namely the Australian Cattle Dog.

According to research, small breed dogs tend to live longer than large breed dogs. And mixed breed dogs are said to live a little longer than purebred dogs.

different types of cancer

There are several types of cancer that can affect dogs. There are cancers that are symptomatic and can be treated until the cancer is not detected. Some of these cancers include:

  • Melanoma: This cancer usually attacks the canines and the skin. And if it attacks the base of the nail, this cancer is incurable.
  • Hemangiosarcoma: This cancer is a slow-growing type of cancer and does not cause pain, so it often goes unnoticed.
  • Lymphoma: This cancer will cause serious problems in the digestive system and make the dog have difficulty breathing. Dogs that have a high risk of contracting this cancer are dogs of the Poodle, Golden Retriever and Australian Prawn breeds.
  • Oral cancer: Oral cancer is a type of symptomatic cancer where symptoms such as inflammation of the gums, bleeding in the oral cavity, bad smell and difficulty eating in dogs.
  • Nasal Cancer: The most common symptoms of this disease are bleeding from the dog’s nose, difficulty breathing, and a swollen face.
  • Bone cancer: According to research, large breed dogs have a higher risk of getting this cancer compared to small breed dogs.

Heart failure

Heart failure, or infarction, is usually the cause of sudden death in dogs, even reaching 4.9%. There is a heart attack that comes suddenly and immediately causes death, but there is also heart failure that has symptoms.

Some of the symptoms of a dog experiencing heart failure include rapid breathing, severe coughing, fainting with exercise or even light activity, drastic weight loss, and of course rapid heart rate.

Acute Infectious Disease or Rabies

Rabies attacks the central nervous system in warm-blooded animals in order to attack humans. The transmission of this virus can be through saliva, bites or open wounds.

This disease first entered Indonesia and was identified as being infected in horses around 1884. Then, in 1889, it was first recorded as being infected in dogs, and in 1894 it was reported to have been detected in humans.


Dogs have a fairly high sensitivity, so bad things are very painful and can cause trauma that affects their mental and mental health. There are 9 out of 112 dogs that have trauma issues. This trauma can be the cause of the dog’s sudden death because the dog has no appetite, hides and does not come out all the way and commits suicide.

Improper Nutrition

Having a dog is not always the same care depending on the breed of dog you have. The nutritional needs of each dog are even different, so the food they are given is not always the same. If you don’t want your dog to have health problems that could lead to sudden death, it’s a good idea to understand the nutrition your dog needs or consult a specialist.

Signs of a dog that will soon die

It would be great if the owner could know that his dog has a disease so that it can be treated as soon as possible. But if it has already happened, the following can be used as signs that the dog is about to die:

  • Symptoms of slowed breathing that often occur, such as a drastic drop in heart rate, cause the dog’s breath to become short. Before death, the dog will usually take one last deep breath.
  • Dogs that know they are going to die soon often like to hide in dark corners of the house.
  • Loss of appetite and not wanting to drink anything.
  • Vomiting that does not excrete anything that looks like food waste, but is just a foam or a yellow or greenish liquid that comes from bile.
  • Weak muscle coordination. This can cause the dog’s body to lose balance when trying to stand and wobble when walking.
  • Dogs cannot control the organs that play a role in the activity of urinating and defecating.
  • Toward death, dogs often have diarrhea accompanied by blood with a pungent, foul odor.

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