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Keeping pets is an activity that is now starting to become a hobby and has even become a modern lifestyle. One type of pet that is in high demand is the dog. When owning a dog, of course, there are things that need to be considered and understood in every treatment process, even when the dog doesn’t want to bark. Here are some explanations on the causes of dogs not wanting to bark that every dog ​​owner should pay attention to in order to overcome them and prevent conditions that can have a negative impact.

  1. the dog is sick

The first cause that must be taken into account and that can make the dog not want to bark is a disease of the dog. This situation can cause the dog to not have enough energy to bark. Any dog ​​that does not want to bark and is found to be lame should be given attention and the condition should be brought to the attention of the veterinarian immediately for proper treatment. (Also read: how to stop a dog from barking)

  1. Dogs are lazy to bark

The next cause that will also make the dog refuse to bark is because the dog is too lazy to do so. The condition of a dog being too lazy to bark can occur due to mood or feeling that the dog is in an uncomfortable condition or it could be that a dog who is too comfortable in his condition is also lazy to bark because it is a way Communication. of the dog (Also read: signs that male dogs want to mate)

  1. dogs can’t bark

The next reason dogs don’t want to bark is because dogs can’t bark. This condition can occur as the dog is still in puppyhood. The condition of a dog that cannot bark can occur as a developmental disorder, such as when a baby has a delayed ability to speak because barking for dogs is a form of communication. In order to get the dog to bark again, several ways or exercises are needed that are carried out constantly and continuously. (Also read: How to deal with male dog lust)

  1. scared dog

The reason the dog doesn’t want to bark next is because he’s scared. The dog’s fearful state can put psychological and physical pressure on the dog, one of which is indicated by the dog’s refusal to bark. In order to overcome this condition, the employer needs to calm the dog and, of course, remove or keep the things that cause him fear. (Also read: how to train a dog to take care of the house)

  1. The dogs do not interact.

The next cause that can also cause a dog to refuse to bark is due to the dog’s lack of interaction with people other than its owner. In order to overcome this condition, you can invite the dog for a walk outside the house or try to meet other dogs, especially those that have a habit of barking. (Also read: how to deal with a barking dog)

Those are some explanations about why dogs don’t want to bark that every dog ​​owner should pay attention to and understand. The condition of the dog that does not bark could be an abnormal condition. Although most of the causes that make dogs refuse to bark are not serious health problems, it still takes some effort and commitment on the part of dog owners.

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