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The pleci bird is a type of pet bird experienced in the wild, it is known as a type of songbird with its distinctive sound and lives in groups. The pleci bird with its singing sound makes it one of the popular songbirds that are widely kept and even farmed. In the process of keeping pleci birds, of course, several problems can arise, one of which is when plecos are seen to be too active in song and not used to being silent. The following is an explanation of the causes why pleci can’t sit still that need attention and some ways to overcome it in the explanation below. (Also Read: How To Train Pleci Birds To Quickly Open Their Beaks)

  1. stressed pleci bird

The first cause that can make the pleci bird unable to sit still is due to the stress conditions that the bird is experiencing. Stress conditions in pleci birds can occur due to various things, such as an uncomfortable environment for the birds. To prevent the pleci bird from being silent, the step to consider is to find the most comfortable conditions that can be applied in the cage or around the place where the plecos live so as not to cause stress again. Symptoms of stress in birds can be different, some make them aggressive, others make birds lazy to move. (Also read: the importance of nutrition for pleci)

  1. about lust

Lust is a condition where the pleci bird will carry out naturally occurring mating activities. The condition of excessive heat or overestrus is one of the causes that the pleci cannot sit still, which requires attention. To overcome the condition of the over-lusting pleci bird, it may be by bringing the female closer to the over-lusting male pleci bird. In this way, the bird will reduce its lustful response. In addition to this method, giving some fruits and vegetables like cucumbers can also reduce lust in pleci birds. (Also read: how to make pleci bird gacor quickly)

  1. Plangkingan that doesn’t fit

Another reason that may cause pleci birds to jump and jump continuously without being able to stay still is because the pangkingan part of the birdcage is uncomfortable and the birds don’t like it. Plangkingan is a place where birds can stand and stay in a cage. In order to overcome the problem that causes the pelci bird not to shut up, the next step is to replace the pangkingan piece with a new one. Plangkingan materials that are known well enough and can be accepted by all pleci birds are tamarind tree trunks and water bamboo. The diameter size of the pangkingan should also be just right for the bird to grasp easily. (Also read: How Cattle Use Hanging Cages)

  1. Wrong cage size

Another problem that can also be the reason why pleci birds that are kept can’t sit still is because the size of the cage is not right. A cage that is too small or too large can make the pleci uncomfortable and jump up and down frequently. The next step, of course, is to change the size of the bird cage. (Also Read: Benefits of Takari Fish Food for Pleci Birds)

Those are some explanations about the causes of pleci birds that cannot sit still that every pleci owner should pay attention to in various ways to overcome these conditions.

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