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There are many types of cats that you can meet in this world, from thick-haired to hairless. In this regard, we receive interesting news from a mongrel cat, the Exotic Shorthair. Yes, the Exotic Shorthair Cat is a cute type of cat with a very flat nose, much loved. Also called short-haired cat, it is one of the breeds resulting from the cross between the American short-haired cat and the Persian cat.

The exotic shorthair cat is also a type of cat that developed into a Persian breed cat with a short-haired version, which is why it is called a shorthair. It is not surprising that this cat at first glance resembles a Persian cat. Here are things you can see about the shorthair cat, from the features to the price that is quite expensive. And do not forget to also know how to care for Angora cats so that their fur does not fall out. It’s a shame, if that beautiful cat goes bald.


The Exotic Shorthair cat has a short body, broad shoulders and strong muscles, with a body weight of around 3.5 to 6 kg. In addition, the coat is also short, but a little longer than that of other short-haired cats, smooth, soft, dense and upright. The head is round and large, with a flat nose with a wide forehead, chubby cheeks, and a strong jaw. Their eyes are round and large, sunken, with yellow, blue, copper, and gold colored eyes. And of course this is different from the characteristics of the original Angora cat.

The ears of this cat breed are short, small and set back from the next ear. The neck is also short and thick. The legs are short, straight and large, while the tail is short, thick, curved downwards and with a rather thick tip. It looks very extreme or aliases with a flatter face and has a ring pattern. This is because the nose is not sharp, and this cat also tends to have breathing problems.


Meanwhile, exotic cats with personality are calm, elegant, lively and active cats. Exotic cats are also curious, playful and calm cats. Furthermore, this cat breed is also a type of cat that is social, does not like to be alone, likes to be close to its owner, and is an independent cat. Because it is close, here is how to prevent cat from climbing on the bed that can be applied.

how to care

There is a separate treatment method that you should know about exotic short air cat, you can see some of the points below:

Check when the fur is tangled

This cat has more intensive care than the general or local types of cats in general. Even when the coat looks matted, you should see a doctor immediately. This is because the matted fur will be painful and will cause the cat’s skin to be pulled and bruised. Here’s how to care for cats’ fur that you can also apply.

Regularly combing their fur

Cats can never do it alone, so as one of your tasks on how to take care of it, comb the fur of this feline. You have to do it at least twice a day using a metal comb so that the coat is always clean and well cared for.

Pay attention to nutrition and vitamins.

In addition to food, you also have to pay attention to the nutrients it contains and the vitamins that have covered your needs. Don’t let it be less, because it will affect your health. Here is a vitamin for cat hair to make it soft.

invite him to play

Take a minute to invite your cat to play, even if it’s just a joke. In addition to the cat being tame, this will also make him submissive to you. It doesn’t have to be long, just a moment as long as the routine is the best way.

clean the cage

Do not forget another important thing, which is to clean the cage every day so that it is always clean. Also, try to make the cage clean and comfortable for the cat to live in until he feels at home. Also pay attention to these tips to choose a good cat cage.

bathe and dry

Give your cat a bath at least once a day and don’t forget to dry it every morning to get a pure source of vitamin D from sunlight. The best time for drying is from seven to nine, you choose the time and the duration is only 20 minutes.

Feed Type

Exotic Shorthair cats are also known as garfields and have different types of food with different textures from cats in general. The texture of the food should be smooth and easy to swallow. This must be done because this breed of cat usually has problems with its teeth, so the food must be soft so that it is also easy to digest.

Plus, the ingredients in the meal are high in animal protein, wheat-free, low in carbs, use no artificial colors, use no flavor shields, use no artificial preservatives, and are certainly easy to chew. The higher water content in wet food may help prevent calcium oxalate urolithiasis in the kidneys or, more commonly, kidney stones, which are highly susceptible to this breed of cat.

Some recommendations on the type of food you can give are the following:

  • Purina ONE Grain Free Formula

It is a popular brand of garfield food that is safe because it is wheat-free and the main ingredient is white-fleshed ocean fish and is high in water content.

  • Whole Food Gourmet Tiki Cat

This type of food does not contain carbohydrates and wheat. In addition, this food is also certified for humans, so it is very safe to give to short-breed cats.

  • Stella & Chewy’s Lyophilisate for Cats

This brand is a type of dry food, but it is not given directly to cats. You must add water before giving it to your cat.


One Exotic Shorthair Cat has a price range of Rp. rp. 2,000,000 up to Rp. 15,000,000. It is different compared to local cats, this breed is much more expensive. But if it’s the same as Angora puppies, it doesn’t seem much different, and that’s how to care for a 3-month-old Angora cat. So that it can be passed on, hopefully useful.

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