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honey bear

Bears are one of the most familiar types of wild animals. It has four legs and has thick, beautiful, soft fur. In any case, the bear is a dangerous vicious animal because it eats meat and does not hesitate to prey on humans when it is in a state of hunger and urgency.

That is why not everyone can keep it as well as protected. Of the various types, one of which is the Sun Bear or called Helarctos malayanus which belongs to the Ursidae family. This type of bear is the smallest of the eight types of bears that exist in the world. Also learn about the characteristics of polar bears that have quite unique features.

This bear is a type of fauna typical of Bengkulu province as well as being used as one of the symbols of the province. The Sun Bear is also one of the Balikpapan city mascots. This bear, to be conserved in Balikpapan in a protected forest called Sungai Wain Protection Forest. So what are the characteristics, habitats and types of feeding of this sun bear?


This bear has a body length of 1.40 m, with a back height of 70 cm and a weight that ranges between 50 and 65 kg. The fur of this type of bear is usually short, shiny and generally black, the eyes are brown or blue, and the nose is relatively wide but not too muzzle. This type of sun bear’s fur is the shortest and softest of all other bears, it is dark black or brownish black in color, under the fur on the neck there is also a unique orange marking which is believed to represent the rising sun. Do not forget to know the characteristics of the Sumatran tiger that is easy to see.

Unlike the case of adult bears of this type of honey, these newborn cubs have a softer, finer and brighter coat. Because it lives in trees, the bear’s paws are hairless, so it can move at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and has very strong power. The head of this bear is relatively large, so it looks like a dog that has small ears and is round in shape. In addition, their tongue is very long and can be extended under natural conditions to extract honey from bee hives on trees. Even a long tongue that can exceed 25 cm is also used to catch small insects on tree trunks.

Its sense of smell is also very keen and it has long nails on its four arms that are used to make it easier to find food. These bears mostly walk on four legs and very rarely walk on two legs like humans in general. The state of the arms of this type of bear is quite wide and has curved nails and holes that make it easier for it to climb trees. To add information, also learn about the fiercest animals of the Amazon jungle.

Meanwhile, the bear will use the curved claws to dig for termites, the ants for the hive if the bear wants to find honey. So to get the honey, the bear will not hesitate to destroy the wood that is still alive and fresh and will even try to scratch the tree with the hard wood. Sun bear jaws are disproportionate because they are too large for them to break large fruits such as coconuts.

Bears’ teeth are also flatter and even compared to other types of bears, the canines alone are long enough to protrude from the mouth. The skull size of this bear’s head in general has a length of about 264.5 mm, a condylobasal length of 241.3 mm, a zygomatic width of 214.6 mm, a mastoid width of 170.2 mm, a interorbital width of 70.5 mm, to a maxillary width of 76.2 mm.


What about the habitat of this bear? Sun bears live in primary forest, secondary forest, and often on agricultural land. They are generally in trees at a height of 2 to 7 meters from the ground and prefer to break tree branches or bend them to make nests. The sun bear’s habitat is in the tropical rainy region of Southeast Asia. The distribution itself is in the islands of Borneo, Sumatra, Indochina, southern China, Burma, and the Malay Peninsula.

That is why this breed does not require a hibernation period like other bears that live in the four seasons region. In the past, this sun bear was known to have spread across most of the Asian continent, but is now becoming rarer due to habitat loss and fragmentation. Also read about the difference between a lion and a tiger.


Sun Bear is a type of omnivorous animal that eats anything in the forest, including meat, as described above. They feed on a variety of fruits and plants also in tropical rainforests, including the shoots of palm species. Not forgetting that they also eat insects, honey, birds and other small animals.

If the bear eats the fruit, the seeds are swallowed whole, so they are not damaged, even after defecation, the seeds in the feces start to grow, so the sun bear has a very important role as a disseminator of large plants fruit trees with seeds such as cempedak, durian, lahung, hang and many other types.

Those are the characteristics, the habitat up to the type of food of the sun bear, and also read about the list of animals in the movie The Lion King. I hope it is useful.

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