Protecting puppies from the cold is simply one of the reasons for the use of coats. But contrary to what people often think, the use of a coat is not only to keep her warm or to try to make her look “fashionable”. Coats are very profitable for all kinds of dogs, but above all they are an almost essential accessory.

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However, it is clear that the main function of the coat is to protect from the cold.

about the fur

The fur of some breeds is sparse in order to protect pets from the lowest temperatures. Especially small and short-haired puppies can feel little isolated when we take them for a walk.

There are owners of large dogs or long-haired breeds who doubt the need to get a coat. A long-haired dog may not be as cold, but this is where it comes in. other functionof these types of garment, more oriented to the owner: cleaning in the home.

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The garments are particularly practical and very useful for keeping our dogs clean. The advice that we give you from Terraviva is just that the clothes we choose are easy to put on so that they never become a nuisance in its use.

However, if any race wears a coat or cape, we prevent it from picking up moisture taking him out for a walk. Especially on rainy days or in Alicante, it easily comes home damp and you have to dry it completely. If this is not done well, in addition to health problems that we can cause, the humidity of a day can be transformed into a bad smell.

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Garments serve valuable use to prevent the dog from picking up dirt in her hair when she goes outside.

Dressing our pet, avoid washing it so often and we will prevent it from dirtying furniture and walls when he arrives home. In addition, to complete this application, there are waterproof boots, perfectly adaptable to the puppy, to fully cover the pet.

We leave you a link on how to prepare your pet for the cold

Coat, multipurpose garment for my dog?

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