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Hamsters are one of the cutest rodents and they have a lot of fans to make pets. The great interest in hamsters is one of the opportunities to breed these pets. Hamsters are a type of animal that can actually be easily bred using a variety of methods. In this tutorial, Arena will explain tips and tricks on how to breed hamster colonies correctly so that they can provide maximum results, which are outlined below.

  1. Cage Preparation

In the process of breeding hamster colonies, the first step to prepare is the cage for the farm. Because there are many hamsters in the process of raising this colony, it is better to choose a cage that has a large size with some accessories such as a water bowl and straw hay in the cage that is helpful for the subsequent mating process. (Also read: how to breed panda hamsters)

  1. hamster selection

For beginners, this type of campbel hamster is more suitable because it has a low price and is certainly easy to breed. The hamsters used must also be old enough or at least 8-11 months old, both male and female. Make sure that the breeders to be used do not come from the same blood or siblings because the chances of defects are very high. (Also read: tips to properly maintain a hamster)

  1. Determination of the number of brooders used

In the process of colonizing livestock for hamsters, an important step must be taken, although sometimes it is trivial, it is the determination of the number of brooders to use, it must be precise and attention must be paid to the size of the cage. possessed too. The number of male and female spawners must be balanced. Make sure first that the condition of the female is also lust good enough to make it easy for the subsequent mating process. (Also read: how to care for baby hamsters)

  1. Marriage Process

The main step in the breeding process of this colony hamster is the mating process. Before the mating process, the male and female hamsters must be separated first to avoid the fighting process. If ready, the bulkhead can be opened and it can be seen later if the male begins to approach the female to mate. Allow this process to occur until signs of a pregnant female hamster appear. When a female hamster starts to get pregnant, it is best to separate the male hamster from the female hamster. Make sure that there is husk or straw in the cage prepared for the subsequent birthing process. (Also read: how to breed angora hamsters)

  1. Feeding

During pregnancy and during the marriage process, make sure that feeding can be done properly and correctly. The feeding that is given during the livestock process and its care is to provide the type of food that has a high protein content. This type of feed can be purchased in various pet stores that are currently very easy to find. (Also read: how to bathe a hamster)

  1. hamster care

The hamster pups will be cared for by the parents from a young age so that they can then live on their own, so that the treatment process is sufficient to ensure that the parents get food and avoid the threat of other hamsters. Mothers who have given birth to their children must be placed separately or isolated with other parents.

Those are some simple hamster colony breeding methods or processes that can be done, especially by beginners. In the process of raising this colony, take care that the hamsters do not attack each other and do not disturb the chicks until they become adults. Hamsters that can feed themselves and are no longer dependent on their mother’s milk can be separated.

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