What is conjunctivitis?

It is an infection in the eyes that comes from the inflammation of the conjunctival membrane. Conjunctivitis is seen immediately as it is a mucous membrane that covers the eyes and eyelids of our pets. It is something that usually happens in dogs.

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The symptoms they can be seen quickly with the naked eye, some of them are:


-Excessive tearing.

-Difficulty opening the eye.

-Rejection of light.

– They scratch their eyes a lot (for this it is better to buy an Elizabethan collar, which will prevent them from scratching).

Causes of conjunctivitis

– It may be due to allergies or when going for a walk, if you have been in contact with a plant that has been able to harm you, or some foreign substance has entered it.

– It can also be due to bacterial or viral infections such as distemper and these two are contagious that spread quite easily.


It is quite simple to cure conjunctivitis as long as it is not due to any specific disease, it is important to know that our pet should not self-medicate under any circumstances, the ideal is to take it to the veterinarian so that they send the appropriate eye drops.

*You can clean the eye a little with sterile gauzes and saline to clean the affected area. We should never clean both eyes with the same gauze.

How to prevent conjunctivitis?

The most important thing is to maintain good eye hygiene and have a good diet. It is also advisable if there is hair that hinders, cut it. And above all try to prevent the dog from coming into contact with foreign substances.

How long does it last?

Depending on the type of conjunctivitis, it can take more or less, for example, if it is due to an allergy or because a foreign body has entered it, it can recover in about 24 hours. If it is already due to bacteria or viruses, it can take days or weeks.

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Conjunctivitis In Dogs, Symptoms and Treatment

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