Dandruff not only affects people, there is also dandruff in cats. The causes of dandruff in cats can be very diverse and its origin must be known in order to treat it properly.

Dandruff in cats? Causes and prevention
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What is dandruff in cats?

Cat dandruff is nothing more than dead feline skin. This is a natural process that all living beings go through as hair cells tend to regenerate on their own.

However, there are diseases that can cause excessive dandruff to appear.

The best thing for the feline is that you always take care of its skin and fur. It is very common that you sometimes notice that your cat has small white dots on its fur, which are removed by daily brushing.

When cats have redness on their skin, they tend to scratch continuously and the appearance of dandruff becomes excessive and abundant, even causing skin wounds due to their insistence on scratching.

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How do I know if my cat has dandruff?

If you notice that your feline begins to scratch much more frequently than usual or if it has small white dots on its fur that are more visible when you start petting it, you are facing a possible case of dandruff in cats.

Once you become aware of its presence, the ideal is that you start brushing your pet’s fur more frequently than you are used to, because in this way you will be able to eliminate the excess of dead skin that may be affecting your cat.

If you let dandruff accumulate on your feline, it will increase each day, leading to skin irritation and dandruff continuing to appear. In addition, there is a risk that your kitten scratches the skin.

Before treating it with baths or gels for dandruff, it is important that you know what is causing it, since an excess of it must be due to something more than the natural regeneration of the skin. Once the cause is known, appropriate treatment can be performed. It is recommended that you discuss it with your trusted veterinarian.

You must pay attention to your cat’s skin and not just the dander that he produces. If you notice that the feline’s skin is red, that means that it has been scratching excessively and possibly has some wounds.

Causes of dandruff in cats

The causes that cause the appearance of dandruff in cats are diverse. Let’s know the most important:
Overweight: Obese cats generally stop cleaning their fur properly, so hygiene drops considerably. The parts of cats that most often have dandruff are those that are most difficult for those cats that are overweight to reach.

Inappropriate diet: it is very important that our pets have an adequate diet and that it meets all their needs. A poor diet is one of the main causes of diseases, not only in cats, but in any animal. Likewise, it is the cause of felines presenting dandruff, since they do not receive enough nutrients and proteins. The deficiency of omega 3 causes the feline’s skin to dry out and begin to flake.
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Dry skin: skin that does not have adequate moisture tends to dehydrate and as a consequence dandruff and other diseases appear. Allergies: allergies are another frequent cause of dandruff. They can be due to various factors: food, bath products, medications and even factors in our environment.

Parasites: there is a mite known as “walking dandruff”, which is often confused with dandruff, since its shape is very similar to it. It is very important to eliminate this parasite that is contagious among cats, as it can have unpleasant consequences. Stress: cats are extremely sensitive to stress and the situations that cause it. Other diseases: there are other diseases that can be the cause of ailments on the skin and as a consequence, the appearance of dandruff.

How to remove dandruff ?

The first thing to do is detect the cause of dandruff in cats, in this way, the problem can be directly attacked and with it, the dandruff will begin to disappear. It is recommended that you consult your trusted veterinarian.

Dandruff can be detected through various tests: observing the skin and fur, performing a blood count or urine tests that will reveal if you have a related disease that may be the cause.

Also, skin scraping, stool analysis or tests that can detect the presence of parasites or ectoparasites.

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