Some dogs can detect diabetes and in our Terraviva blog today we’ll tell you about it. And at least those who are trained for it can! Many times our pets have shown us to be heroes without powers, authentic four-legged champions. There are countless things they do to help us live better lives and protect us. Today it is great to know that people with diabetes can count on the help of special dogs who detect their symptoms and prevent glucose drops.

What do they do to detect diabetes?

Did you know that dogs can detect diabetes?

The dogs trained to detect diabetes They can be of great help to people who suffer from this disease because:

  • They recognize the symptoms of a drop in glucose before it happens and alert you.
  • They check your breathing every blood sugar level.
  • If You Pass Out Due to Hypoglycemia, These Dogs Will Help You get up and respond
  • If you need help and you’re unconscious, they’re willing to help seek support on other people nearby or medical help.
  • They wear need medication or food in case of hypoglycaemia.

You will be able to recognize dogs that can detect diabetes because they usually carry a backpack that accompanies them and gives them like this: service dogs to the people. In this backpack they carry the data of the diabetic patient, an emergency contact person, food and medicines for diabetes… Everything that may be needed in case of hypoglycemia! This way everyone has access to the documentation and can help in case of emergency.

How do they train dogs that detect diabetes?

How is the training of dogs that can detect diabetes?

The dogs that are trained for it are trained using techniques for tracking and detecting various odors of the human body† They learn what normal blood sugar levels are and take action if they get too high or too low.

Hypoglycemia Caused chemical changes in the body of a person, which are discernible by the smell of their breath.

This smell is common to everyone when they suffer from it, so dogs can quickly learn to recognize it.

A dog in training you can smell these changes before the blood sugar crash starts.

If they find out, they will notify their owners so that they can take the necessary steps to correct their sugar levels.

They usually warn with a little push or by putting their paws on the diabetic patient.

In the unfortunate event that it is too late and the diabetic passes out, a dog with this special training can help or seek help elsewhere.

And after we are our best friend in these cases, it is good to reward our pet, in this blog we will show you what prizes we can offer you.

Did you know that dogs can detect diabetes?

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