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The keeping of animals has recently become a fairly developed trend in society, especially for the urban sector. Various types of pets ranging from birds, dogs, cats, fish, to reptiles and other animals become psychic entertainment and are a way of new lifestyle. One of the most kept animals is the cat because it has a funny face and behavior. The cats themselves consist of several types and classifications that are different from each other. The following is an explanation of the cat classifications mentioned below.

  1. Animal Kingdom

The first classification of living things is the kingdom or kingdom. Kingdom for cats, of course, is clear, namely animalia. Animalia is a kingdom or realm for living things that are classified as animals. All types of animals that exist on earth are clearly included in the animal kingdom, including cats.

  1. Edge: Chordata

The following classification of domestic cats is viewed from the phylum or group. Cats belong to the group of chordates. The group of chordates is a collection of animals that belong to vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are a group of animals that have a backbone and are a sbuphylum of chordates. (Also read: Signs that a cat will die)

  1. Class: Mammals

The class of cats is included in the mammals, that is, as animals with backbones (vertebrates) that have mammary glands in the females and of course can produce milk directly from their bodies as food for their babies later on. Cats have mammary glands that will develop with age.

  1. Order: Carnivora

Cats belong to the order Carnivores, which is a group of carnivorous animals. In this group, the order indicates the type of food that the animals consume most predominantly. Because cats eat more fish and other types of meat, they are included in the order of carnivores. (Also read: why cats do not want to eat)

  1. Family: Felida

The Felidae tribe is a member of the Carnivora nation which consists of cats and big cats. The most recognizable type of cat in this tribe is the pet cat. The Felida tribe has been found for 40 years and many have become extinct. (Also read: how to deal with a scared cat)

  1. Subfamily: Felinae

Discussion The classification of cats further establishes that these animals are included in the felinae subfamily. This Felida subtribe groups several types of cats with almost the same characteristics. (Also read: how to prevent cats from sleeping in the sand)

  1. Gender: Happy

The following discussion of cat classification goes to the felis level. Felis is a genus that is based on the Felidae family and consists of various domestic cat and wild cat tombs. All members of the Felis genus consist of small cats, as well as various other conditions.

  1. Species: F. silvestris

Each cat that is kept in a nursery has a different species form from each other. Each species of cat is different, for example F. Silvestris is a type of wild cat that lives mostly in residential areas. (Also read: characteristics of a healthy cat)

  1. Upasspecies: Catus (Cat)

Upasspecies in the classification is the level or several categories of existing species. For example, the catus unspaties cat, which is the most favorite type of pet cat as a purebred cat, breed examples of which are Persian, Manx, Spinx, and Siamese.

Those are some explanations on cat classification discussion that every cat lover and owner needs to know and understand.

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