The most frequent problem we have when we travel with our pet is dizziness. It is best to be as still as possible in the car to avoid dizziness. Mood also influences, if you are nervous you will be more likely to get dizzy.

In today’s terraviva blog we will talk about why, the symptoms and some tips to avoid this situation in which our pet has a really bad time.

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Why do they get dizzy in the car?

There are many dogs that get dizzy if they travel by car. It can be due to several factors, because they are not used to traveling, or they are restless inside the car. They tend to be more likely among puppies, since their ears have not yet fully developed.

In many cases they tend to disappear with age but in some they persist and become a small problem when traveling.

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Among the most prominent symptoms are: Drooling a lot, whining, yawning, being very restless, tremors, vomiting or nausea.

Tips so you don’t get dizzy

It is important to get them used to the car from puppies, take short trips, so that they get to the car, take them to the park by car, in this way they will associate that going by car then brings good things. It is not recommended that you eat before traveling, you should eat about two or three hours before. It is also advisable to make several stops along the way, to drink water. It is advisable to have the windows slightly lowered to allow air to enter. If even so, the dog gets older and continues to get dizzy, you may need some type of medication for when you travel with him. In this case, go to your trusted veterinarian and tell him about the situation to assess what type of medication to give him.

We leave you here a link in case you plan to travel with your pet this summer.

Dizziness: How to prevent your pet from getting dizzy in the car?

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