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Today we are going to show you all the curiosities of the guppy fish. One of the most requested species by all those who are beginning to be interested in the world of aquarium hobby.

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The real scientific name of these tropical fish is “poecilia reticulata” but absolutely all lovers of aquariums know them by the name of guppies In addition to that in our Terraviva stores you will find them with that name too. This species usually tackles a life expectancy of approximately 3 years.

Guppies stand out for having a wide variety of huge fins that can be found in different shapes such as delta, pointed, round, etc.

Although the most common is the fan-shaped fin, as it allows us to enjoy its fantastic colors as it flaps.

In addition, we can find very different colors between some guppies and others, especially in males, females have a less vivid color.

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How big do guppies get?

Regarding the size of the guppies we find a very clear difference between female and male. While female guppies measure approximately 8 cm, male guppies usually only reach 6 cm. But another possibility to distinguish between female and male is by its so-called gonopodium, the sexual organ.

Something very positive also about guppy fish is its fabulous behavior, It is a fairly peaceful species.

Being small in size, it is suitable for anywhere as long as it has enough space to swim. For this reason you should not exceed the number of fish in the aquarium.

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The guppy is an omnivorous species, therefore, its food can be scales, and vegetables. It is important to know that they have a fast metabolism, so it is advisable to give them small amounts of food, distributed throughout the day.

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Guppies are fish native to the American continent. The water temperature must be between 22 and 28 degrees. In addition, these fish must be in an aquarium greater than 40 liters.

In our Terraviva team we recommend that the aquarium have plants, since this species is easy to breed and in this way the fry can be protected. Also having plants will help the female herself to hide from the reproductive harassment of the male.

Any fish can be compatible with guppies, since they are not conflictive in their coexistence. As everything has its exceptions that are the cichlids, betta and scalar that are incompatible.

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From Terrraviva we hope you liked this post about the guppy fish. To learn more about these animals, do not forget to visit our stores. If you need any questions you can contact us. We wait for you!

Do you know the Curiosities of the Guppy Fish?

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