Why do they yawn?

Human beings yawn when we are tired, bored, to release pressure from the ear and sometimes even for the imitation effect (when we see another person yawning). But have you ever wondered why dogs yawn? Today in Terraviva Blog we explain several theories.

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Why does a dog yawn?

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People are not the only species that yawn. Would it surprise you if we told you that birds, monkeys, cats, and dogs do it too?

Although it is difficult to be completely sure why do dogs yawnSeveral studies conclude that dogs yawn for various reasons, based on the circumstances and situation they are experiencing at the time.

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It might be because:

  • tired yawn.
  • Hunger yawn.
  • Or yawn from boredom.
  • stress yawn. Many theories specify that dogs often yawn when they are experiencing a stressful situation. Many dogs use yawning to balance the temperature of their brain, for example when we hug them or when they are playing with children.
  • Communicative yawn. Another theory says that yawning in dogs, apart from being signs of stress for humans, is also a way of communicating with each other: sometimes a “passive” dog yawns to respond to an “aggressive” dog. In this way what makes the dog aggressive is to break the interaction.

Do you know why dogs yawn?

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