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Easy growing grouse for beginnersThe capercaillie is a wild bird that forages at night, commonly called the wild duck or water duck. Although the shape of this bird is cute and adorable, this bird is very difficult to catch. Also read about how to care for pigeons in the rainy season.

Grouse birds are birds that live in groups but don’t get me wrong marriage wise these birds are not like ducks or ducklings if one male can marry 5 to 10 females these birds are very loyal to their respective partners so Therefore, for the selection of capercaillies, breeders must do it in pairs.

Capercaillies that like to live in groups often forage for leftover grain left in fields, plus this nation of poultry also likes to eat water hyacinth. Also read about growing wingko sparrows.

The cultivation and ranching of capercaillies are currently areas with a lot of potential and have quite promising calculations if they are used as a business, because currently the sale value of capercaillies is very high.

That is a superficial explanation of the grouse. Well, this article will explain how to grow grouse, let’s see the explanation below:

The types of capercaillie are indeed diverse, depending on the type the capercaillie is grouped into two, namely:

The capercaillie is a bird that has a habitat in the water, its ability to swim in the water is due to the fact that the capercaillie is a bird that has webbed feet and can rarely fly. Also read about how to care for quirky birds.

The one that in Latin is called Dendrocygna arcuata is a species of bird that lives in the water. This bird lives in the swampy areas of the forest, its favorite food is the small fish that live in the swamps.

The color of the feathers is brown, the neck is rather long and small, while the beak and legs are black. Their feet have swimming webs like the feet of a duck or duck. The capercaillie is a species of bird that has a beak, is warm-blooded and reproduces by laying eggs.

In their life these birds are usually in groups, if you find this bird alone, it means that it is very likely that the group has finished or it can also stay behind the group. This bird is very similar to the Java duck if we look at it at a glance, or the laying duck.

However, the flower of the capercaillie in its activities, the capercaillie bird is more agile than the Java duck, although in the Sumatran area this bird is often called the capercaillie bird or forest duck. But of these 2 types of grouse the most popular are flower grouse. Also read about how to keep a pentet bird so that it gacor.

Here are ways before you start growing grouse:

1. Locations for the cultivation and ranching of capercaillies

Choose a place for Capercaillie Cultivation and Livestock, the most suitable place is the river bank but if not, we can create an environment in accordance with the capercaillie habitat, the main condition being the availability of a swimming pool.

2. Keeping a grouse

Before we start growing and breeding capercaillies, we need to prepare ourselves, especially in terms of understanding the following ways of farming and breeding capercaillies:

  • Capercaillie Cattle Room

The size of the cage is in the form of a stage 10 x 6 meters, the cage does not have to be made of expensive materials but it is quite simple as long as it is durable (resistant). The most important thing is to provide a pool of water that the grouse use to clean themselves, since almost all the activities of this animal are carried out in the water.

As for the cage of the capercaillie, you only have to put a roof and a protection net so that it does not escape, and in the middle of the cage a kind of swamp is made where the ducks play, at the same time that a mound is placed of land at the edge of the small swamp as a place for the grouse to frolic and also provide other equipment such as places to eat, places to drink, and perhaps other additional equipment that has positive significance in management.

  • feed for grouse

The food that the grouse birds like is in the form of small animals that live in the water, besides the grouse also like food that is almost the same as that of the ducks, occasionally we feed it chicken, corn , cereals, especially if the capercaillie is still small, aged. From 0 to 2 months, feed for chickens should be given and once interspersed with bran.

Mobility activities in land areas are only used for searching for food and avoiding opponents, laying eggs, and other activities. When on land, the movement of the capercaillie is very slow, but when it reaches the water, its movement is very fast, so the mobility of this animal is very small for land areas.

  • How to keep grouse birds

The capercaillie that is three months after birth from the natural marriage between capercaillies in the cage. Some grouse is raising grouse children. The grouse was then released into a net cage that was actually swampy.

Although they tend to live in damp places, capercaillie chicks are very susceptible to cold, especially at night, so it is best to keep the capercaillies apart and provide cage heating for this young capercaillie, this can be in the form of lighting a lamp that emits heat. .

In a year, the capercaillie has only three egg-laying seasons, each spawning season only produces seven to nine eggs. After that, the grouse will incubate the egg for 21 days, just like a chicken incubates its eggs. The capercaillie is a very loyal animal to his partner, a male only wants to serve a female, keeping a capercaillie is easier than breeding ducks.

That is the way to farm capercaillie, this business opportunity is very tempting because apart from being very easy to maintain, feeding capercaillie is also quite easy, just by giving it small fish and aquatic plants. The cultivation of capercaillie is currently a trend for animal lovers, due to the fact that the sale price of capercaillie is very high. Therefore, it is very suitable as a commercial option.

So this article, I hope the article I am sharing this time will be useful and become a reference source for friends who want to grow grouse and are still confused about finding a suitable business opportunity to be used as a business right now. . Happy reading and see you in another article. Thanks. Also read the characteristics of quality bangkok chicken.

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