Senior dog care

When your dog gets older and is already beginning to be considered a senior, they require special types of care than those they already had before.

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At what age is he considered a senior?

This will depend on the breed of the dog, if they are of a large breed they can be considered senior from the age of 7. And those of small breed from 10-11 years.

Changes of a senior dog

You will see that the coat becomes rougher and gray hair appears.

Loss of vision and hearing, cataracts appear.

We will notice that they become more and more sleepy.

urinary incontinence

Slower movements, arthritis appears.

Heart or respiratory diseases.

dental problems etc.


-If you do not have any type of mobility problem, you have to continue taking the walk for the same duration so that they remain active.

-Make sure they have a comfortable bed to rest on.

-Veterinary check-ups, at least every 6 months for routine check-ups.

-Food, it is very important that we control the weight and have all the necessary nutrients for this stage.

-You must always have fresh and clean water.

-Use a toy that keeps him active but without getting too tired.

-He takes great care of his mouth from puppies, either by brushing his teeth or giving him some dental treat.

– And above all give him a lot of pampering, he will surely love that!

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Essential Care For Senior Dogs

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