At what age is my cat considered senior?

From 8 years of age the cat already requires special care and different from what it had previously. To say that a cat is old, it is considered from approximately 10 years.

At 10 years old we have to be especially careful with their routine and try not to change it, since that will generate stress.

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These cares must be essential for them.

-Feeding. Senior cats need a phosphorus-reduced food so they don’t suffer from kidney problems. In case of not having teeth we must acquire wet food. It is also important not to take a feed with a high caloric content, since they do not burn as much energy as in their youth.

-That the place where you rest is as comfortable as possible.

-Veterinary follow-up, it is important that the follow-up is done at a certain age.

-Keep keeping him active as much as possible, a little moderate exercise is good even if it’s just playing with him for a while making him chase something.

-You have to be careful that your cat drinks water and hydrates.

-Keep the sandbox always clean, to avoid possible diseases.

-With age they may neglect something more, therefore it would be interesting that once a week we give them some special care, massage, brushing, etc.

It is very important to recognize what the symptoms are to give it the necessary special care.

Here we show you some of the symptoms that your cat is already senior.

Vision and hearing problems, occurs as in the elderly, they lose vision and hearing faculties.

Osteoarthritis, a joint disease that presents discomfort or pain.

Obesity, at this age it is common for your cat to gain weight since they do not have the same physical activity.

Diabetes is a very common disease, especially in elderly cats, so we must take care of their diet.

The most important thing of all is that you are aware of your pet, and give him the necessary love and care.

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Essential Care For Your Senior Cat

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