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sick rabbit

Rabbits are one of the tame animals, they have long ears and look beautiful. This cute animal is widely used as a pet at home, as it has an adorable face, nothing less than a cat. Well, domesticated rabbits aside, dogs and cats are no less pets. Previously, it has also been transmitted on how to play with cats at home, taking into account that many do not understand how to invite cats to play correctly. In addition, how to train stray dogs to be smart has also been discussed to provide an overview of techniques to teach dogs to be smart.

Not inferior to the two types of animals, rabbits are also a target for their lovers. Many take care of rabbits wholeheartedly because they are too much in love with these cute animals. So how about you, maybe one of the rabbit lovers? As an employer, of course, you must do something immediately when you see that your rabbit is sick. How is the First Aid for a Sick Rabbit? The following are some steps for first aid when you find a sick rabbit.

First aid for sick rabbits

Move to a more appropriate location

Most people, though unfortunately the rabbit is still an animal, and it is impossible for him to be given a bed like a human. That’s why rabbits always occupy cages, and since animals always excrete (big or small) unlike humans, it turns out that rabbit urine is more pungent than cat urine.

Therefore, if you are not diligent in cleaning, it will get dirty and cause a nest of diseases. One of the things you should do when you see a sick rabbit is to put it in a more appropriate place. For example, the cage that has been cleaned, and try to add a bed for the bed.

bathing the rabbit

Don’t forget that to handle a sick rabbit, you must first clean its body, in addition to other things. Do not use cold water, use lukewarm water as long as it is not too hot, and use hand soap to wash your body. This purpose is to cleanse the body of dirt and dust that allows disease to spread.

After that, wipe it off with a clean rabbit towel because if you don’t, the dirt will stick to it again. So make sure the towels provided are clean. And when the rabbit is pregnant, do not forget to apply the following tips to properly care for a pregnant rabbit.


Dry the rabbits, not during the day when the sun is hot. However, the best time to dry rabbits is in the morning between 08:00 and 09:00 as this is the right time. Meanwhile, the duration of the drying itself, which is about 20 minutes and no more.

The morning sun has a good effect on the rabbit’s body, providing natural vitamin D and killing all bad bacteria. So this method is not just for one bird? This drying is not always done only for birds, but rabbits can also be dried in the sun when they are sick. Well, for tips on bird care, we have previously shared tips before owning a parrot, tips for keeping cotton starlings for beginners, up to how to keep the color of the canary in good condition, in which this step also includes a stage drying.

make vaccines

If your rabbit is sick, the first step to help is to get it vaccinated immediately. This step should be done by a veterinarian, so your job is to take him to the doctor and pass on your complaint about your pet rabbit. Vaccines are given to kill all the diseases that have already entered the rabbit’s body to make it sick.

give medicine

You can buy prescription medications to treat sick rabbits at a reputable pet store, and don’t forget to check the proper dose or dose. This includes one of the first aids for sick rabbits, or perhaps coconut water benefits for canaries that might also be suitable for rabbits to remove toxins from their bodies. Yes, because the nature of coconut water is to kill all the toxins that have entered the body.

give vitamins

The next tip for treating sick rabbits is to give them vitamins, as well as medications that you can buy at pet stores. The price is affordable, you can ask the owner of the pet store about the correct and suitable vitamins because there is certainly more than one type of vitamin. Vitamins are not always instant, they can also be artificial because they are more natural. The benefits of kencur for the stone magpie, maybe you can see it and try to apply it to the rabbit.

Supply of nutritious food

Never forget that food is essential and should be given to rabbits. In general, the disease does not only come from other things, but also from the food that is given, perhaps due to lack of hygiene or nutrition that the rabbit’s body cannot meet.

How unfortunate if keeping a rabbit does not necessarily provide the balanced nutrition and needs of its body. Therefore, first aid for sick rabbits is to provide nutritious food as a supply.

This can be transmitted regarding the first aid that can be performed when the Rabbit is sick. But if it persists, you just have to take it to the doctor. I hope it is useful.

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