German Shepherd Characteristics

The German Shepherd was previously created to protect and herd livestock. We currently see him as a police dog too.

physical character

They have a wide wedge-shaped head.

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The ears are pointed and of medium size.

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German shepherd body: upper line sloping and descending from the high withers to the lower group.

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He has a broad and muscular waist.

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The tail reaches at least to the hock, but should not extend beyond the center of the metatarsus. If he is still, he will carry it in a slight arc, but when he is in motion or attention, he will lift it higher without exceeding the horizontal line.

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The outer coat is usually dense, hard and close to the body.

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As we know, German Shepherds are quite in demand to be guarded and protected because usually these tasks come as a natural instinct due to their nature.

They need physical exercise every day because they are quite active. They are very reliable, safe and very easy to train because they are very intelligent, but above all they are man’s best friend.


German Shepherds are usually prone to several diseases such as hip dysplasia, digestive problems, keratitis, and others.

His current life expectancy is around 13 years.

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