They stand out for having a special charm as pets. But we must know some amazing things about the hamster before we decide to take them as pets. Today in Blog Terraviva we comment on a simple summary that can help you make the decision to make them your favorite pet.

Curiosities about hamsters

1) Hamsters They can live almost twice their average lifespan.. The life expectancy of a hamster is approximately 2 years, but they can live up to 4 years.

2) Although some species of hamsters do not use burrows or those that are built are shallow, the hamster commonly in its natural habitat usually produces its minimum burrow two meters deep. Is this the reason that you like to walk through ducts or tubes with length?

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3) Hamsters do not stand out for their great vision, since it is very weak. His field of vision only reaches 15 cm radius.

4) And to put the icing on their visual capacity… Did you know that hamsters do not perceive colors?. That’s right, they come in black and white.

5) The hamster and the elephant, despite their great differences, share a very important and sentimental resemblance. Living in colonies are able to remember their relatives.

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More curiosities

6) But what is most surprising about this little animal is that, if it is a domestic hamster, it can develop the ability to remember your name and react when they call for this.

7) At the moment, it is known that there are 19 different species of hamster And that these species are grouped into 7 different genera.

8) the smallest hamster of all species, upon reaching adulthood, only measures between 7 and 9 cm. This hamster is known as the Roborovski dwarf.

Hamster: 12 Interesting Facts About Them

9) Hamsters are known for having numerous litters, and thus the largest known litter is from 19 pups from a single pregnancy.

10) With only 45 days from birth, the hamster is ready to reproduce.

11) The name “Hamster” derives from the German word “hamster” which means “accumulate”, alluding to their instinct to keep things inside their cheeks.

12) If a fertile female is in a warm temperature environment, she will conceive more males than females; On the contrary, if she is in an atmosphere with low or cold temperatures, she will give birth to more females than males.

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Hamster: 12 Interesting Facts About Them

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