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How do dogs get cold?
Every pet owner, of course, will always pay attention to the care of their pet so that it is always in good condition without any health problems that cause dangerous conditions. Such treatment is necessary even though each animal has a natural mechanism to deal with the problem condition in its own body. The following is a form of dog self-defense that can help in their lives when faced with a problem explained below, namely how dogs cool their bodies when they experience conditions that cause an increase in body temperature. (Also read: how to deal with a stuffy nose in dogs)

  1. dogs don’t sweat

Unlike humans who have sweat glands in their skin so they can regulate temperature through sweat, dogs don’t have this, so even if they’re hot, they won’t sweat to lower their body temperature. Because there is no mechanism for sweating, dogs have other mechanisms regarding how dogs cool their bodies when they are hot.

  1. sticking out tongue

The way dogs cool off is by sticking out their tongues. By sticking out the tongue, the dog will suck in air with his tongue quickly to help cool his body. Due to this condition, we will see more frequently dogs doing the activity of sticking out their tongues with the condition of gasping for breath. (Also read: how to deal with poisoned dogs)

  1. Cools the blood on the tongue.

By sticking the tongue out and into the air quickly, it will be used to cool the blood in the dog’s tongue area. The cold blood will be distributed throughout the body to cool all parts of the dog’s body. (Also read: dog grooming tips for beginners)

  1. Gives off heat through the tongue.

In addition to taking in air and cooling the blood around the saliva which will then be distributed throughout the body, you also need to stick out the tongue that the dog does to remove moisture from the dog’s body. With the release of hot steam or moisture, the body will easily cool down. The release mechanism of this hot vapor is the same as when human sweat transports body heat. (Also read: how to deal with stomach acid in dogs)

  1. Approaching a cold zone

Another thing that dogs will naturally do besides sticking out their tongues is to naturally move closer to cooler areas. By being in a cooler area, the dog will be able to accelerate the drop in body temperature when it is hot. Dog owners should also assist in the dog’s process of reaching a higher body temperature.

Dog owners need to be able to help dogs when they are overheated, especially if their body is dehydrated. Dehydration is certainly something that can harm a dog’s health, so it needs to be prevented. Some signs of dehydration to look out for include loss of skin elasticity, a dog that is weak and always thirsty, a dog secreting thick sticky saliva, pale gums, and several other things. (Also read: how to tame a puppy)

Those are some explanations for how dogs naturally cool their bodies in order to overcome hot conditions in the body. In addition to doing their own thing, dog owners can also help reduce a dog’s hot body temperature in certain ways, such as giving him water, bathing him, fanning him, etc.

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