What is a heat stroke?

Heat stroke is the greatest enemy of our pets on hot days, it occurs when our pet’s body temperature exceeds 42ºC That is why we must pay close attention to our friend and take into account different guidelines to follow in case we detect that our pet is suffering from heat stroke.

In terraviva we tell you what to do in that case.

dog drinking to avoid heat stroke

What to do in case of heat stroke

It is important take him to our nearest veterinarian if we suspect that he is suffering from heat stroke.

-Bathe it with cold water, but not very cold, since we could cause damage to the brain (we should never put it in suddenly, first the legs, then we will wet the head and neck).

-Do not wrap our pet with wet towels, since you do the opposite effect and thus it will not expel the heat.

-Refresh it with a little cold water on the neck and head if we are away from home.


-Excessive panting.

-Dizziness or vomiting.

-The skin turns a bluish tone due to lack of oxygen.

-Temperature above 42 ºC.

-They are more tired than normal, they refuse to walk.


-Loss of consciousness.


What to do to prevent heat stroke

-Bring plenty of water on walks.

-It is very important that you do not do physical exercise in the hours of high temperatures, better a quiet walk and thus avoid more serious problems later.

– Always control your pet, it is advisable to make a stop in the shade to rest a bit and offer him water.

-Always have your drinker with fresh water at home.

-Avoid walks at very hot hours.

-And above all, NEVER we have to leave him in a locked vehicle not even five minutes.

Follow the advice of terra-viva and be very careful with your friend!

How to Avoid Heat Stroke in Your Pet

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