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Have you ever heard the term goat is afraid of water or ridicule someone who rarely bathes like a goat? Goats are land animals that are not very familiar with water. But of course, as someone who raises goats or even raises goats, goats really do need to be bathed to maintain their cleanliness and health. How to bathe a good goat? Take a look at the reviews in the following article.

The goat cattle or in Latin is called Capra aegagrus hircus It is a type of clay goat that has been domesticated by humans for thousands of years. The goat is one of the four-legged animals that can be used for meat, milk, skins, and feces.

In Indonesia, goat farms are spread across various regions and orders are often flooded when Eid al-Adha arrives. Goats will be made qurban and then the meat is shared and donated.

When should goats be bathed?

Goats should be bathed when the goat’s owner has seen the behavior of the goat often scratching itself or the goat begins to look dirty. This scratching behavior indicates that the goat is starting to itch at its skin or there is even a possibility that there are fleas lodged in the goat’s fur.

Bathe the goat too if it looks dirty. Cleaning this goat can affect its health. Because if the goat gets dirty or the coat starts to get too wet, it will make it easier for germs, bacteria and parasites to nest.

The ideal is to bathe the goat once every 15 days. For the record, avoid bathing female goats that are pregnant. Bathing a pregnant goat can interfere with the goat’s content development process and can even cause a miscarriage for the mother goat.

Therefore, you should let the pregnant female goat not have to take a bath until the goat gives birth.

How to bathe a goat?

Pay attention at bath time

Goat bathing should be done when it is close to noon. Neither too soon nor too late. This is considered so that the goat has enough time to bask directly in the sun to dry its body. The best time to bathe the goats is around 10 am. At noon so that after bathing the goats can eat while sunbathing.

look at the weather

Indonesia has a tropical climate and a dry and rainy climate, although it receives more sunlight throughout the year, but there are also cloudy times and low temperatures at times. When you want to bathe a goat, you should pay attention to the weather if it will rain one day, if it will be cloudy or if it will be sunny all day.

If it is expected to be sunny all day, bathe the goat at noon. In the meantime, if there are signs of cloudiness to come, the time to bathe the goat should be postponed. Because if it is cloudy the goat cannot sunbathe after bathing. This is not good for the goat’s coat and can also affect its health.

use spray

Bathing goats should be done with a hose or sprayer. This will be easier because you can control the pressure of the water and it is more practical to move it to the right and left side of the goat. Start spraying slowly so the goat is not startled and becomes aggressive and panicked.

Use Special Goat Shampoo

For a more effective bath, it is better to use shampoo and of course a special shampoo for goats. This shampoo will help remove dirt adhering to the goat’s body without damaging the skin and coat due to the content of the adapted formula.

Avoid and pay attention to certain areas

When bathing goats, you should avoid spraying water directly on the goat’s head and face area. Because it is a sensitive area, goats can become aggressive if this area is suddenly exposed to water.

Gently wash the goat’s face using only wet hands. Avoid using shampoo in this area so as not to get into the goats’ eyes.

Pay special attention to the goat’s neck area. Because this area is often a nesting place for lice and nits. Check this area carefully to avoid fleas on the goat.

rinse well

The rinsing process is one of the important processes. Be sure not to leave residual foam adhering to the goat. The rest of the shampoo foam that sticks can get wet on the goat’s body and become a good place for fungi or parasites to nest.

Use the Cairan Lice Killer

Observe the behavior of the goat before bathing it. Is the goat showing signs of itching and often scratching in certain areas? If the goat does this, it probably has fleas.

Bathing alone is not enough because lice are often stubborn, they do not come off when bathing, there are even nits that are still alive even if they have been rubbed with shampoo during the bath. Therefore, what can be done to overcome this problem is to use a special flea exterminator,

Depending on the liquid, of course, there are instructions for use. But it is mainly done by mixing some flea killing liquid in water and then brushing it on the goat that has been rinsed after shampooing.

After brushing off the flea solution, rinse the goat again. This is done so that no chemical residues remain on the goat’s body. The use of this flea exterminator is usually carried out periodically so that the lice are completely lost and of course accompanied by keeping the environment and the goat’s cage clean.

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