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Bird breeding is currently one of the hobbies that many people do and has become a lifestyle. The great public interest in poultry farming not only provides opportunities for poultry farms, but also for poultry feed vendors. One of the most widely used bird foods is crickets. Making crickets cannot be said to be easy because it requires several processes that must be correct. Here are some forms of modern crickets that should be considered in an effort to get maximum results in the explanation below.

  1. Determine the location of the cage.

Before the process of making cricket cages, the first thing that must be done in modern crickets is to determine the location of the cage that will be placed later. The location of the cage must be in a closed state and have a good level of calm and well-ventilated air. The location of the cage can be in the form of a hut or if there is a room that allows its use, it will be better because it can reduce capital costs. (Also read: how to raise crickets in the rainy season)

  1. Preparing the cage

The next step that needs to be prepared in the modern cricket farming process is the cage as a living place for the crickets later on. Cricket cages can be made from various materials, ranging from cardboard, plywood, wooden boards, and others. The shape of the cage is like a box with a size that adjusts to the size of the room and must have legs so that it is given water or liquid in a container that serves to prevent the appearance of pests such as ants. The cage that is made can be in the form of levels so that the results are more but do not require a large space. The cricket cage should be protected from the sun and always in a calm state. (Also read: how to make crickets lay eggs fast)

  1. Preparation of living media in the cage

In addition to the cage that must be properly prepared, the crickets also need means to live in the cage. The medium commonly used in the modern cricket rearing process is a tray of used chicken eggs made of a cardboard-like material. The trays should be arranged connected to each other to form an intermediate space for the crickets to live and roam as in the wild. The tray to be used can be dried in the sun for 6 hours and should be free of various types of dirt and try to use a used tray that is still intact. (Also read: how to raise crickets with brooders)

  1. Preparation of nurseries through cricket breeders

After confirming that all cages can be used, the next step is to determine the breeders for the rearing process. Broodstock should be selected from the wild from rice fields, but if it is difficult, only male crickets are prioritized to get from the wild because they are aggressive and healthier than the breeders in the farming process. Mating of crickets should be done outside the hatchery which should be located as close as possible to the conditions of their natural habitat in the wild. Prepare a litter box for the laying process on the ground. Special ingredients such as rice bran, fish roe, boiled duck egg yolks can be given for maximum egg production. (Also read: how to make crickets fight hard)

  1. Hatching and care of eggs.

The eggs hatch 7-10 days after mating and avoid the eggs of the brood so that they are not eaten by the parents themselves. The eggs that have hatched can be fed with chicken at the age of 1-10 days and after more than 10 days they can be fed with vegetables such as cassava leaves, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, kale, spinach and others. Care of the bladder should also be considered so as not to cause pests or disease to the crickets. (Also read: how to grow crickets on cardboard)

After the crickets are 30 days old, the crickets are eligible to be harvested. In addition to crickets, cricket eggs can also be sold directly to growing farmers, but they are cheaper in price.

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