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The lovebird or labird is a type of bird that has been very popular in recent years, both for having it as a hobby and also for training and preparing it to participate in competitions that have also been carried out a lot. Lovebirds have several types that are certainly different from each other and have their respective advantages and one of them is the white-billed lovebird. In the treatment process, of course, the maintenance of a white-billed lovebird will certainly be different from the maintenance process of other types of lovebirds. Here are some processes or how to take care of a good and correct white-billed lovebird in the explanation below.

Getting to know the White-billed Lovebird

Before paying attention to how to care for white-billed lovebirds, every bird owner should pay attention and know in depth what the obedient white-billed lovebird is. The white-billed lovebird is a type of bird that has the best quality and is very easy to win in contests and has a high price. The white-billed lovebird when it is in optimal conditions can gacor for a long time and nothing can beat it. (Also read: tips for buying lovebirds for beginners)

How to care for a white-billed lovebird

For maximum performance, the white-billed lovebrd must be cared for properly and correctly. Here are some ways to care for a white-billed lovebird that can be done properly and correctly to produce a white-billed lovebird that has the highest capacity in the explanation below.

  1. carry out the condensation process., the care of the white-billed lovebird begins early in the morning, starting its activities in the condensation process. Condensation can help birds have better songs. Condensation can be done at 4 am on average. (Also read: tips for preparing lovebirds for contests)
  2. drying well done, the drying process for red-billed lovebirds is certainly different from that of white-billed lovebirds. The white-billed lovebird can only be dried in the sun with the first sun in the morning and should not last long, which is about 15 minutes to half an hour because the red-billed lovebird is more vulnerable than the Sidoarjo-billed lovebird. (Also read: how to care for lovebirds)
  3. How to bathe a bird the right way, during the day the bird will get the food it needs and must be bathed in the proper way. After bathing the bird by spraying it, then it is rare, then just roll up the tidy boxed rice drinking 3 pieces. (Also read: how to have a lovebird at home)
  4. bird cage, krondong lovebird can be done slowly but precisely, while the condition of the krondong can be done during the day. The body of the bird that is dirondong must be clean and dry.
  5. give extra food, additional food or extra food can be given to white-billed lovebirds as a way to treat white-billed lovebirds properly and correctly. The extra feed has complete nutrition that can help the development and growth of the birds. (Also read: How to deal with lovebird mentality)

Those are some explanations on how to treat a sensational white-billed lovebird in terms of performance. The various forms of treatment above can be used to treat the body of lovebirds to produce more birds.

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