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Sheep are a type of livestock that may not be as popular as goats in Indonesia. Even so, sheep farming has many advantages through the results of farming from the wool to the sheep itself. In the process of raising sheep, of course, there are some basic things that need to be understood and one of them is the selection of stallions for breeding. Here are some ways to choose a good and correct breed of sheep so that the performance of the livestock can be maximized through the explanation below.

  1. be old enough

The first thing that must be owned by a mother sheep to be able to breed or breed to produce good lambs. The female sheep must be older than 10 months or at least 1 year, while the male must be older than the female, which is approximately 1.5 – 2 years. The age of sheep can be determined through various physical forms that sheep display. (Also read: sheep with fermented feed)

  1. Have a normal weight and body shape.

The next way to choose a good sheep mother is to pay attention to the weight of the sheep and its normal body shape. The weight of the sheep must be considered because, in fact, when looking at the weight, it can be seen that the sheep is either too fat or not, or even too thin. The average weight of ewes that can be selected as good quality breeders is 55 to 60 kg for rams and 30 to 35 kg for ewes. (Also read: sheep farming)

  1. have paternal traits

Another sign that can show that the sheep can be good breeders is seen in the nature and behavior of the mother sheep, especially the females, who must show the nature of their parents. The parental nature of the sheep can be seen in various criteria, such as the condition that the sheep are docile, the eyes of the sheep are friendly, they can give milk to the chicks later, and they are ready to take care of and take care of. the lambs (Also read: how to raise rams)

  1. have a good physical body

The next condition that should also be considered in order to choose a good sheep mother is to pay attention to the physical shape of the sheep in general. Sheep that are ready to become parents must have no physical defects and be in excellent physical condition. The external form or good physical form of the sheep are:

  • Male parents:
    • Normal testicles, body shape and high heels. The condition of the legs should also be straight and strong or graceful.
    • Compact body shape with a deep and wide chest.
    • He has a stocky stature and is ready to be a player.
    • The back must be straight and free from defects when breeding males. (Also read: how to breed modern sheep)
  • Female parent:
    • The legs are straight and strong and not too skinny or fat.
    • The shape of the udder is not too hanging or symmetrical.
    • The back must be straight and no defects are found in the breeding of females.
    • You should have two nipples that are not covered with hair.
  1. have a healthy body

The last requirement for the mother sheep is to have a healthy body condition. The health of the sheep can be seen in their agile and active condition, the absence of dirt in the bright eyes of the sheep, and the absence of defects or problems in the coat of the sheep. (Also read: how to raise fat-tailed sheep)

Those are some ways to choose a good and correct mother of sheep to produce quality lambs and provide maximum performance of the herd.

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