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Are you currently looking for and want to raise quality chicks? It turns out that this should not be done randomly.

By choosing quality chicks, and in the process always trying to raise them well when the chicks grow up, they will turn out to be quality chicks with high selling prices.

Therefore, when choosing chicks, various methods and special tips are needed in order to obtain quality chicks. In this case, there are several things to pay attention to, such as choosing based on physical characteristics or choosing chicks based on their age.

Choice based on physical characteristics

1. Starling-like head shape

One of the visible physical forms of quality chicks is a chicken that has a good head shape similar to a starling. Where it is characterized by its physical characteristics with a long head and is quite large in size with a smooth and thin scalp.

2. The presence of a midline in the lungs

Good quality chicks have a beak shape similar to that of an eagle. It is characterized by the presence of a midline in the lung. Where this beak indicates that the chick can peck very hard.

3. Light round eyes

Watchful eyes are the physical characteristics of quality chicks. The shape of his eyes that slightly enter the eye socket, with a round shape indicates that he has very good eyesight.

4. Have a good bone structure

Resilience in chicks is considered quality, if it has a good bone structure. Some of the signs include:

  • The neck bone has a tight and dense arrangement, elongated and large.
  • The bony area of ​​the thorax is large and also extends to the spine.
  • It has curves in its leg bones that are very similar to those of the carambola.

5. Has prominent scales

There are other factors that you can pay attention to when choosing chicks. That is, paying attention to the shape of the scales that the chicks have.

If they have very prominent and dry scales, it may be a sign that later the chick can take a hard hit.

6. Know the physical characteristics of chickens

Quality chicks also come from quality breeders. Mothers who have high bones in an upright and strong position will inherit their children indirectly.

7. Knees protruding backwards

Feet are important things that should not be overlooked when choosing quality chicks. Choose chicks that have knee-level legs that stick out to the rear. Chicks with good leg strength have broad, elongated toes.

You can look at some of the above physical characteristics to determine the type of quality chicks. But in addition to physical characteristics, there are some tips you can do to choose chicks according to their age.

Choice of chicks by age

1. How to choose 3-month-old chicks

The first step you can take is to throw the chicks alive with crickets. So you can see how it responds when you do that.

Chicks with good quality will respond with quick pecking movements while jumping with agile movements in order to catch the cricket.

If the chicks are very slow to respond and seem to have difficulty releasing the crickets, this may be a sign that the chicks are not of sufficient quality.

Another way to pick 2-3 month old chicks is to try to pick them up with both hands and then drop them.

If when dropping them their legs are in a parallel position and on the ground, the chick has a strong peck.

2. How to choose 2-week-old chicks

When the chicks are still early, like 2 weeks, their bone and physical form are not yet fully formed, so they do not have good strength.

This makes it difficult when you want to pick chicks at a young age. But you can see it in the behavior it displays.

You can lure them by giving them food when they are hungry. Give her food by spreading it around her. So she watches how he responds.

You can choose chicks that are aggressive when given food. In addition to paying attention to how to eat, you can determine the sex of the chicks in advance.

After you determine that you can care for him until he grows up by providing support in the provision of food and vitamins. So that when they grow up, the chicks you raised earlier can become quality chickens.

Not only that, feed and environmental factors are very important in the growth and development process of chicks. Therefore, this requires special attention to print quality chickens.

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