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There are various types of goats that can be bred for specific needs. One type of goat is the Java goat. Java goats are local Indonesian goats that have the ability to reproduce rapidly to become the most widely farmed goat species. In the breeding process, the selection of Java goat breeders must be done properly to maximize the livestock yields obtained. Here are some ways to choose Java goat breeders in the explanation below.

  1. Pay attention to her nipples.

The Java goat is a mammal that will suckle the goats it gives birth to. For goats to grow well, a good goat farmer’s teats must be capable of producing copious amounts of milk. One sign that the Java goat’s teats can produce plenty of milk to meet the goats’ needs is the absence of hair growing on the goats’ teats. (Also read: how to succeed in randu java cattle)

  1. The goats are in good health.

How to choose the next Java goat breeder is to pay attention to the condition of the goat, whether or not it has maintained health. To determine whether or not the goat is healthy, it can be identified by characteristics or conditions that indicate the goat’s health is maintained. Some of the characteristics or signs of a goat in healthy condition include that the goat looks active and has agile movements, the hair of the goat looks clean, neat and good, and the condition of the eyes is clear and there is no the slightest dirt in the goat’s eyes. (Also Read: How To Breed Javanese Goats Without Scratching)

  1. The age of the goat farmer is enough

In order to be bred, the body condition of the goat stallions must be in an adult state so that they are ready for mating. The minimum age that must be owned by Java goat breeders is 1 year and has experienced lust before the age of one year. The shape of the genitalia of both male and female goats should be normal and clean in appearance and free from defects in both sexes. (Also read: how to care for goats to gain weight quickly)

  1. Have a good physical shape.

The next thing to consider when choosing Java goat breeders is to look at their physical form. A good Java goat breeder must have several physical conditions such as:

  • Large body but not too fat, compact, broad chest, straight back and waist, and clean, shiny coat.
  • All four legs are straight, sturdy, and the heels are high, and there are no visible defects in all the kaming organs to be used as breeders in cattle. (Also read: how to raise goats successfully)
  1. have a motherly nature

The female goat that is ready to be used as a breeder must also have maternal characteristics. The maternal nature of the Java Goat can be shown from the behavior condition of the Java Goat which seems very tame and the look and sparkle in its eyes which shows that it is a friendly goat. (Also read:

  1. Choosing a male goat

More on the selection of female goats is described in the explanation above. The male goats that will be used in the livestock process must be older than the females, which ranges between 1.5 years and 5 years. Physical form and genitalia must be normal and without visible defects. Choose a male from a parent with a large number of children or more than one.

Those are some ways of choosing Javanese goat breeds that should be carefully considered by all breeders, both beginners and those with previous experience to maximize herd performance.

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