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To this day, lovebirds remain one of the most popular songbirds among bird lovers in both rural and urban areas. Due to this great interest, lovebird farming continues to be a great opportunity for bird lovers. There are many ways to farm lovebirds, one of which is using ombyokan cages. To have good puppies in the cage, of course, there are ways to do it. Here are some ways to choose good and correct lovebird chicks in the ombyokan in the explanation below.

  1. Choose healthy lovebird pups

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing lovebird chicks in a good ombyokan is to choose healthy lovebird chicks. The health of the lovebirds can be seen in their active behavior and not silent. The healthy feathers of the lovebirds can also look shiny and no damaged or injured body organs are found. (Also read: how to tame a young lovebird)

  • Good body shape of lovebird

In addition to a healthy condition, lovebird chicks should also have a characteristic body shape that is appropriate for their age. Some of the characteristics of good lovebird chicks include:

  1. The bird’s eye should be sharp and not watery or watery.
  2. Lovebirds that have a long neck.
  3. Lovebird chicks that are good to use should have smooth, unblemished feet and strong claws when grasping.
  4. Wing and tail feathers that will be used as lovebird seed beds should look neat, tight, and not bloom.
  • Its screeching ability is good.

Lovebirds, in addition to having good form, must also be able to sing loudly. To choose the lovebird to use, use a tool. Bird owners can farm against selected birds that do have good quality. To see the ability to sing birds can be stimulated by the song that is being played. (Also read: Obstacles to raising lovebirds)

  • Delete gender

The way to choose lovebird chicks in the next ombyokan is to make sure that the birds have a clear gender. Many suggest that the sex of choice for lovebirds in ombyokan cages is female. This is because the number of lovebirds that won the competition were female compared to male. (Also read: how to have a lovebird at home)

  • Waiting patiently and watching the birds.

The last step that should be carefully considered when choosing lovebird chicks in the ombyokan cage is to have the patience to wait longer and pay attention to the movement of each bird. In the process of waiting and paying attention, you can certainly see which lovebirds in the ombyokan cage have the best singing sound with some of the characteristics mentioned above. (Also read: how to breed colored lovebirds)

Here are some explanations on how to choose good and correct lovebird puppies in ombyokan to get a good choice of lovebird puppies. Several characters must be made that must be taken into account in the selection of lovebirds keeping in mind that in the ombyokan cage the quality of the lovebirds varies from poor to very high quality. (Also read: tips for buying lovebirds for beginners)

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