How should you do the water changes?

Cleaning is essential so that your aquarium is always in perfect condition. When we talk about cleaning, we are talking above all about a partial change of water. The amount of water varies depending on the size of the aquarium and how often we clean. It is important to know that the water should not be changed very frequently as this could damage the biological cycle of the aquarium, therefore the water changes should be periodic so that waste does not accumulate.


If we are going to fill with tap water, it is important to know that it contains chlorine, therefore we must add a water conditioner that will eliminate chlorine among other substances that are harmful to fish.

It is advisable to use a siphon to clean the aquarium substrate and a hose.

doHow often?

If you do the cleaning once a month, you will have to replace 25% of the water. Or if it is every two weeks, we will change 15% of the water. If, on the contrary, you do the cleaning every week, we will replace 10% of the water.


It is important that the new water entering the aquarium is at the same temperature as the aquarium. (Note: the amount of water varies depending on the size of the aquarium. Be careful not to stir too much gravel to avoid kicking up dirt).

Replacing the aquarium water eliminates many nitrifying bacteria, so it is advisable to buy them at the store to repopulate the colony of bacteria every time you clean the aquarium.

You have to pour the water little by little so as not to stress the fish too much, it is advisable to turn off the light while replacing the water.

How do you clean the aquarium filter?

It should be done monthly, and it involves cleaning the filter sponges with the extracted water. It should not be rinsed too much, it would be enough to clean the excess dirt and take the opportunity to change the active carbon of the filter. Not all parts of the filter should be cleaned on the same day as bacteria will be lost.

What to do if there is excess algae?

This usually happens when there is too much light or the quality of the water is poor. To remove them, use a clean algae scraper for the glass and clean the ornaments with a brush.

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IMPORTANT: Do not use cleaning products such as detergents, soaps, etc… as they are harmful to the fish.

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How to clean my aquarium and how often?

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