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Quail is a type of bird that is farmed to produce quail eggs that are well known outside the community and can also be eaten as meat. In the process of raising quail, there are several conditions that could cause the performance of the cattle to experience an unfavorable condition. One of the problems that is quite problematic is the appearance of pests that attack birds. Here are some ways to control the pests that attack quail according to the type of pests that quail owners and breeders should pay attention to in the explanation below.

  1. Tetelo

Tetelo is one of the most common types of pests that infect poultry, including quail. Tetelo’s disease is caused by infection with the NDV virus or Newcastle disease in quail. Symptoms arising from a viral infection include quail with a runny or runny nose, the appearance of a bird’s snore caused by a stuffy nose, a weak body condition with lowered wings, and crawling pain. (Also read: how to treat hoarseness in birds)

In order to control the plague of tetelo virus, several efforts can be made, namely good sanitation in bird cages and oral vaccination of NDV virus in quail, which is carried out from chicks to adults.

  1. quail enteritis

Quail enteritis disease or what can be easily understood is inflammation of the intestine. Inflammation of the intestines can be caused by infection with spore-forming anaerobic bacterial pests in the intestine. The symptoms of this disease can be recognized by the presence of digestive disorders of the quail, such as the lack of appetite of the birds, the weight of the birds that may decrease, the faeces of the birds more watery and different than usual, the greenish feces and the poor condition of the birds. active. (Also read: how swifts spend the night)

The way to control the pests that attack quail is to pay attention to the hygiene of the cage because these bacteria are usually found when the cage is dirty. In addition to cage cleaning, separation of sick birds should also be done immediately to prevent transmission.

  1. Coccidiosis and Pullarum

The next type of disease caused by pests is coccidiosis or blood in the stool and pullarum or cal. The pests that attack the quail and cause the two diseases are different, coccidiosis is caused by a protozoan called eimeria sp with pest control using Noxal, Trisula Zuco, Sulfuaqui moxalina, amprolium and cxaldayoco through drinking water or via oral. While pullrum is caused by Salmonella pullarum bacteria with pest control using antibiotics like coccilin, neo theramycin and mycomas. (Also read: types of pests that usually attack Etawa goats)

  1. Chickenpox or avian pox

The next disease that can also arise due to pests that infect the body of quail is avian fox. Chickenpox is caused by a virus of the Poxviridae family and Avipoxvirus genus. To control the pests of this disease, diptheria must be vaccinated according to the required dose. (Also read: types of eye diseases in birds)

  1. Types of diseases caused by other pests

Maintaining the clean conditions of the cage and the cleanliness of the body of the quail is one of the main efforts in the control of pests that can attack the birds. Several other types of diseases that can be controlled by paying attention to cage sanitation and cleanliness include aspergillosis and intestinal worms. (Also read: how to eradicate pests in milkfish ponds)

Those are some ways to control the pests that attack quail depending on the type of pest and disease. Pest control is very important to be considered by all quail farmers to maximize the performance of their livestock.

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