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Cats remain one of the most popular and popular types of pets in the community because they are cute and packable. The sound that comes out of a cat is very distinctive and is certainly one of the attractions of the cuteness of a pet cat. The sounds in ordinary cats disappear and become a form of health problem that must be considered and properly addressed. Here are some ways to deal with the sound of a lost cat in the explanation below that all cat owners should pay attention to.

Causes of cats losing their voice

What must be understood before discussing how to deal with the voice of a lost cat is to understand what are the causes of the appearance of these problematic conditions. The sound of a lost cat can be influenced by several factors, some of which are described below.

  • Throat painMuch the same as humans, cats experiencing throat inflammation will cause the cat’s voice to disappear or at least start with a hoarse condition. Inflamed and swollen trachea is caused by the presence of an infectious virus. (Also read: how to deal with tightness in cats)
  • growth of the larynxVoice loss in cats can also be a normal condition due to growth of the larynx. The larynx or vocal cords that grow in kittens can make the cat’s ability to make sounds suboptimal.
  • laryngeal paralysisThe next cause of cats losing their voice is due to a condition called laryngeal paralysis. Laryngeal paralysis is a condition of nerve damage associated with the vocal cords so that they cannot function optimally. (Also read: characteristics of a cat will give birth)
  • Other causesIn addition to the conditions mentioned above, there are other causes that can also trigger the stray cat voice condition, such as foreign objects getting into the cat’s throat and throat sores that then trigger inflammation or infection. (Also read: Signs that a cat will die)

How to deal with the sounds of lost cats

After knowing and understanding what are the causes of the appearance of a condition in which the cat will lose his voice, steps can be taken to overcome it according to the existing causes. Here are some ways to deal with the missing cat sound in the explanation below.

  • Recognize the symptoms that appearVoice loss in cats can be normal and may not be as described above. An abnormal condition occurs in cats when the sound does not come out due to a certain disease. (Also read: Signs of lust in cats)
  • Give nutrition to cats.If the cat’s voice loss condition is only caused by the growth of the larynx, provide nutrition through healthy food to accelerate its growth.
  • Take the cat to the doctor, The correct step in the face of loss of voice in cats is to take them immediately to the veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis and the necessary medical action. (Also read: Signs of a depressed cat)
  • through the drugsthe use of medications such as antibacterials, anti-inflammatories and others in cats needs a prior recommendation from a veterinarian.
  • Operation. Surgery and surgery can be performed by a veterinarian, especially when the voice loss problem is caused by laryngeal paralysis.
  • Rest the cat and clean the cage, Resting your cat can be difficult to control, but it’s still worth a try. In addition to resting it, you also have to clean the cage.

Those are some explanations about the causes and how to deal with missing cat sounds. The sound of a cat disappearing is mostly caused by certain problematic conditions in the cat, so you should immediately consult a veterinarian.

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