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The snakehead fish is a type of food fish that is widely farmed to meet the needs of the community, which is quite high. In the process of culturing snakehead fish, there is one step that must be carried out correctly because it can have a great influence on the results of cultivation, namely, the selection process of male and female snakehead fish that must be distinguished. so that the formation of new fish seeds. Here are some ways to tell male and female snakehead fish apart through the explanation below.

The need to distinguish the sex of the snakehead fish

In the snakehead farming process, the eggs produced by the female snakehead fish are the result of a joint process with the male snakehead fish. The condition for the appearance of these eggs cannot occur when the snakehead fish used as breeders are of the same sex. This is why the snakehead sex selection process is very important to get the most out of your livestock. (Also read: Growing snakehead fish naturally)

How to tell the difference between male and female snakehead fish

As in the explanation above, differentiating male and female snakeheads is very necessary for the farming process to run smoothly. There are several things that can be the difference between the female snakehead and the male snakehead, such as:

  1. head shape

The shape of the head is part of the body of the snakehead fish that can differentiate between male and female. The head shape of the male snakehead fish is oval, while the head shape of the female snakehead fish is moon. The condition of the head shape can be difficult to observe even if it is only at a glance and not in detail. (Also read: cork fish farming in canvas ponds)

  1. body color

In addition to the shape of the head, the body color of the snakehead fish can also provide clues to the differences between males and females. The female snakehead has a light body color while the male snakehead has a darker body color. To help tell them apart, give them the same lighting. (Also read: how to grow cork fish)

  1. Are there eggs or not?

The next difference that can be the difference between male snakehead fish and female snakehead fish is the presence or absence of eggs in the fish. The eggs in the fish can come out when the stomach is massaged. The release of eggs indicates that the fish are female and male if the conditions are the opposite or no eggs hatch. (Also read: Cork fish farm in underground pond)

  1. fish belly

The condition of the fish’s stomach is also one of the things that can distinguish male snakeheads from female snakeheads. The female snakehead has a stomach shape that is larger than the female snakehead and will feel softer in contrast to the stomach condition of the male snakehead. (Also read: how to make snakehead fish food)

  1. red hole

The presence or absence of red holes on the body of the snakehead fish also determines whether the fish is male or female. The red hole in the male snakehead will release fluid when the hole is sorted. The liquid that comes out of the red hole will look like a seed like the precursor to the egg in Indonesian badminton.

Those are some explanations on how to distinguish between male and female snakehead fish that every bus lover should know. Distinguishing the sex of the snakehead fish is very important to do it properly and correctly.

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